I Will Do Anything

On Saturday, I went up to the college I want to attend. Not in New York. I went to a closer campus. I got some disheartening news.

The only way I can afford housing is with loans and that’s only after my tuition is covered, meaning I can only have housing if there is enough money left over.

That saddens me because it means I might be forced to stay here and I really do not want to. Besides the irritation with my grandfather, if I don’t leave in September, there’s a possibility I never will because I swear my grandfather is trying to keep me “his baby” for the rest of my life.

If I have to work two jobs to be able to afford housing, I will. I will do anything to get me out of this house in September 2013. Well, anything except prostitute. That’s where I draw the line.

There was a little bit of good news. One of the financial aid packages is based on my GPA. I think that means I can get more money if my grades are high, assuming it’s based on the GPA of my senior year. So if I study hard and keep my grades high, I might have a chance. I just need to keep myself upbeat and motivated.

In January, I’m going to visit the New York campus and speak to them. I’m going to express my concerns to them. Hopefully, they’ll give me some good news. Until then, I’ll just hope for the best and keep my head held high. I think I’m already on a good track with saving up money and I might try to obtain my license before I leave.

The only thing I’m truly scared of is that I have to take my grandfather to the in-state location I went for him to sign the forms. I wasn’t going to tell him until everything was done, but I guess he’ll know early. I’m worried about how he’ll take it, which probably just emphasizes how much I really need to get out of here.

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