Fun Facts

Yes, I know I already have an “about me” page, but lists are fun to make. I promise I’m not narcissistic. Just a bit silly and bored.

  • I’m a woman. The picture on my “about me” page probably gives that away, considering I’m wearing a pink bow and a pink shirt with Frozen.
  • I believe flowers are the most beautiful things in the world.
  • I’m winging this whole adulthood thing. I have nothing figured out.
  • I’m very awkward when I talk.
  • I achieved my first degree in my late twenties.
  • I don’t use that degree. Turns out I hate business. And management. And operations.
  • Stubbornness and determination are my favorite traits. I have high admiration for people who don’t give up easily.
  • I cannot stand insensitivity or vanity. You can be brutally honest without being a jerk.
  • My order of priorities is as follows: fiance and friends, work, family
  • Yes, I put family last. They are annoying and I don’t have much respect for any of them.
  • I’ll respect you based on how you treat others, not what position you have in any aspect of life.
  • I don’t dance. I don’t sing either.
  • I hate huge ceremonies and gatherings.
  • My mind is a speeding highway.
  • I have a bad obsession with my weight, which probably stems from growing up in a “Toddlers and Tiaras” family.
  • I analyze things in my head way too much.
  • I suck at writing.
  • I’m terrible at history.
  • I strongly dislike being called “little girl” or being called anybody’s “baby”.
  • I don’t like being told to close my legs or put my legs down. If I have on pants or opaque leggings, I’ll put my legs the way I want.
  • I don’t like rape or “stay in the kitchen” jokes.
  • I literally cannot understand prejudice. Seriously. If it bothers you that much, you have the problem.
  • My name’s Kaye. I went with Kitten for a while, but Kaye became more appealing.
  • Alright, enough bullets.
  • Enjoy the blog! 🙂

One Response to “Fun Facts”

  1. Walters Says:

    Wait stop being terrible at history–

    And hey wait did you add bullets for the last two fun facts what are you doing lol xD


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