Sorry, I Want Out

No, not the blog. I’m not leaving the blog. I want out of my house.

When it came time for me to attend college, I originally planned to continue living at home. I didn’t want to live on campus because I had enough of living with people and I hate moving. I didn’t want to move out until I had my own apartment.

Recently, however, I’ve changed my mind. I’m losing my patience and I don’t think I can hold out until I’m 22. I know I have my mom, but I really don’t want to live in a dangerous area of town. The only problem is my grandfather treating me like a child. He simply refuses to acknowledge that I’m not a “baby” anymore and the only thing I’m too young for is alcohol and parenting. I know some people have much worse problems with their families, but I’ve just had enough.

I won’t say what college I want to attend, but the campus is located in in New York City, midtown-Manhattan. I don’t live in the state of New York, but it’s literally a train ride away or two hours by car. I could come back here everyday if I wanted to.

My only concern is the extra expense. I was going to live at home to cut down on expenses, but I’m willing to take it if I can leave home. Besides, it will be good practice. I’ll be entirely on my own and responsible for myself. When I finally get my own apartment, I’ll already be used to taking care of myself. If I budget well, I probably won’t have too much debt on my hands. Plus, I might be able to find a job near campus and that will be a big help. More stress, but a big help. Who said supporting yourself was easy?

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