4 Years and Counting

I created this blog on May 22nd, 2012. Four years of blogging, writing, and sharing my life.

I know I’ve hardly been great at keeping this blog consistently active (I forgot about its 3rd anniversary!), but I can say with sincerity it has been a journey. When I look at some of my posts from 2012 to as recent as 2014, it’s hard to believe I wrote them. Not because it doesn’t sound like me, but because some things have changed so much. Life changed, plans changed.

I truly feel proud I’ve managed to keep this blog going for so long. I really don’t have a great track record with blogs. I usually end up dropping them after about year, sometimes sooner, because I lack ideas of what to post or I grow bored. Granted, many times, those blogs are themed, so perhaps this blog being more of a life journal than focusing on specific subject contributes that my ability to keep it up, even when I get stumped at times.

Sticking around for years was my intention when I first created this blog, but because of my bad track record, I didn’t think I could do it. Now, I know I can and I am.

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