Spirit Animal Award

I got a surprise today! MakPlays nominated me for the Spirit Animal Blog Award! I spend little time on WordPress, so I didn’t know until hours later, but I’m no less thankful. It was so kind of her!

These are the rules for the award:

  1. Post the award picture on your blog.
  2.  Write a short paragraph about yourself and what your blog means to you.
  3.  If you could be any animal, what would you be?
  4.  Pick ten nominees

A Little About Me

I already have an “About” page, but I guess a little here can’t here. My name’s Kaye, I’m in my twenties, and I was born and raised in the United States, which I question being “the greatest nation”. My hobbies are sedentary: browsing, drawing, writing, collecting, and hanging around social media. There are some active things I like to do, such as running and biking, but I’m a homebody more than anything. I don’t hate the outside and I do try to go out every so often. I’m just someone who doesn’t need to have a lot going on.

What My Blog Means To Me

Although this is a public blog, I think of it as a diary. When I first created this blog, it was out of a need to have somewhere to talk and vent on occasion. I often have a lot of things on my mind, but I’m terrible at verbally expressing them. It’s easier to write them out. I do keep explicit thoughts off here, however.

My Spirit Animal

I’m almost positive my spirit animal would be a cat. They’re introverted and independent animals, but they still enjoy affection, love, and being cared for. They’re also quirky creatures and do things that, to us humans, to make no sense (ex: “if it fits, I sits”). That’s a fairly accurate description of me.

I nominate:

As I said, I spend little time on WordPress, thus I don’t read many WordPress blogs either. I only have two nominations:

  1. NBoutWell.com – This blogger is an author who posts mainly about his projects, but also about his personal life and views on occasion. His blog is very well-written and I personally think he’s very creative and well-spoken.
  2. My Little Piece of Quiet – A blog about introversion. Most of the posts are quotes about being quiet and introverted, and I think it’s a reassuring blog for those who feel insecure about being introverted.

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