Welcome to Kaye’s Days

In case the title isn’t a hint, this is a blog about me and my life. What goes on, what interests me, what’s inside my head. You get it.

I’ve had a few blogs before. None of them really worked out. I currently have one on another account that I haven’t posted on since January, if I remember correctly, because I just can’t stay on top of the subject. The others really just fell apart. I got bored reading them. I’m pretty sure it’s a bad sign if I can’t stand what I write.

I had a minor resolution to post something everyday on one of my now-deleted blogs. I got upset when I missed a day or two and just deleted it. That probably tells you my attitude is, in a nutshell, 100% or nothing. Bad.

So with this blog, I’m changing that. I’ll try to write something everyday, but if I miss a day, I’m not going to beat myself down. My perfectionist attitude gets me so caught up in things, I forget that something like blogging is supposed to be a hobby, something fun, not a boring old chore.

To those who comment, read and/or enjoy, thanks. To those who dislike or hate it, thanks for dropping by anyway.

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