Cutest Tomboy Ever

My summer break ends next week. Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Needless to say, I am beyond unhappy about this. But the one good thing is I get to see my best friend again.

My best friend went away on vacation. I didn’t see her all summer and had no contact with her beyond wishing her a happy birthday on her facebook page. I like her as my friend more than I hate school, so putting up with school is worth seeing her.

My favorite thing about my friend? She’s adorable. She’s short and she hates it, but I love it. She’s just so cute. And as the title implies, she’s also a tomboy. She wears pants all year and the girliest thing about her is her long hair (which she cut, but is still long).

But she’s not just cute. She’s got the sweetness to match. Sweet as sugar, pretty as a flower, cute as a kitten. I’ve never seen this girl mad and I won’t try to make her mad either.

I don’t care if this post makes me sound I like I have a crush on her (I don’t). I’m just happy that my best friend is the most adorable tomboy ever.

Reason #220 I Like My Summer Program Counselors More

They don’t make us change our clothes for occasions where it’s not necessary.

Apparently, my grandfather thinks dinner at any place outside the house is fancy because people will be around. I just changed into a different shirt and different pair of jeans. My grandfather may as well be blind. Everybody knows me and has already seen me. In short, they don’t care if I’m in the same clothes or not.

And I don’t think I should be going by an old man’s definition of “cute”.

Time To Say Goodbye

Summer camp started this past Monday. Today’s the third day. It has been terrible! The first day was awful, the second day was a little better, today was good until the end and tomorrow will be positively dreadful. I don’t even like my counselor anymore (the therapist who talked me into going). She has become hell in disguise.

I can’t leave. Well, I can, but then, everyone will ask me a bunch of questions and I can’t deal with that. I do know when September rolls around, I will NOT be going to see her. The camp ends August 2nd. That’ll be the final time I see her. Then, I can forget her.

As far as I’m concerned, the only good thing about this is I’m not worried anymore. She was very nice (hence why I liked her) and I sometimes thought about how much I’d miss her when I finally graduate high school. Now, I know I won’t miss her at all.

I just want this bad week to end.

Time For Summer Camp!

Well, it’s not summer camp “per se”, but it may as well be. My plans for the summer changed a bit.

Since last year, my therapist was bugging me to join the summer program that my school’s therapy program offers. Last year, I had to attend summer school, so I couldn’t come. This year, I was supposed to attend summer school again, but because I passed the final for one of the two classes I was failing, that class got dropped. So when I told her this, she asked me if I could maybe take the class next year, so I could come to the summer program instead. She really wanted me to come, so I finally gave in. After the appointment, I went to my guidance counselor and asked if the class could be put into my schedule for next year. It was possible, so he took me out of summer school. I went back to my therapist, told her the good news and she gave me a permission slip. Got it signed that night, took it in the next day (also, the final day of school) and that was it.

The first day of this program is the 25th. I haven’t gone to summer camp since I was 11. To be totally honest, I never liked camp. It felt just like school. Kids picking on me, long hours and flippin’ uniform (camp shirts). I hated the park. Always got bit by mosquitoes  and itched like crazy. Summer was much better spent by myself or with relatives (as crazy as they drive me).

So after being out of camp for so long, it feels weird to go back. The summer program isn’t even that long – only 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM unless there are trips – but I am still a little less than thrilled about going. From what my therapist told me, it doesn’t sound like there’s much to enjoy outside of seeing her (she mentioned hiking; I hate hiking). I don’t like museums or science either, which I think was mentioned in the slip/pamphlet. There’s also the fact that my sister is going to be there and to say we don’t get along is to say a hurricane is just a tiny storm. At least, I know one of my friends will be there, but there’s no guarantee I’ll see him. Really, this summer is unpredictable. But I guess that’s what makes summer so thrilling, huh? Well, usually.

Bye Bye, iPads

Yesterday was the final days for final exams and iPads. Everybody had to turn their iPad in. If they didn’t bring it yesterday, they had to bring it today to turn it in. No more iPads until September.

The iPads were great. Having something to play with and hold my attention, even if I got interrupted and told numerous times I shouldn’t be playing games. And, of course, there was having all my games erased because “we’re not supposed to have games on the iPad”. Yeah, I’m pretty sure every kid in my school broke that rule, but they should’ve expected that. If they really thought students would use the iPads strictly for schoolwork, then they were mistaken. Probably 95% of the kids in this school have parents who couldn’t afford to buy them an iPad and they wouldn’t dare ask. You give a kid an iPad for FREE and there is no way games won’t find its way onto there. And I won’t even get started on the students who have high enough grades to take them home and, thus, won’t be bound by a firewall.

Over the exams, everybody, regardless of grades, was allowed to take their iPad home. I was on my iPad more than my computer and when I was on my computer, I was using my iPad at the same time because I would be playing TS3 (call that obsession if you want; it’s better than being out at 2 AM). But with the iPad gone,  it’s back to my laptop and my uncle’s netbook when I want to give mine a break (TS3 takes up a lot of energy). The best thing was my grandfather never knew I had it. The last thing I need is for him to make a big fuss.

Well, it’s the third-to-last day of school. No schoolwork, dress-down day for seniors (doesn’t bother me) and just relaxing in general. Friday is the first day of summer vavcation. I’ll be sure to scream (mentally) with joy that this year is finally OVER!!!