If You Can’t Say Anything Nice…

…don’t say anything at all.

That was something I heard from my mother more times than I can count. Here’s something else I can’t count: the number of people who don’t follow that supposed rule.

Really, where did this saying even come from? I’ve never met a single person who abides by this, including myself. It’s not really possible to avoid things that aren’t so nice. Maybe if everyone in the world was a nice person, but that’s not how the world is.

However, if this expression is referring to unnecessary mean comments, I could agree. Nobody follows it, but it makes more sense. If I found out someone had stolen from me, for example, I’m completely justified in calling them a thief. I wouldn’t be justified in calling them a slur like the n-word.

There’s also the possibility this expression just means not to say unkind things to someone’s face, which is the definition I chose to take with it years ago. Of course, I don’t think talking trash about someone behind their back is much better. Unless they’ve hurt you somehow (in which case, you’re probably venting more than anything), you’re more exposing your own character, not theirs.

Personally, I think this is one of those expressions that needs to die out. Regardless of what meaning it’s taken for, it really may as well be meaningless. Everybody is going to have something unkind to say about someone, and they will say it. It may be within reason. It may not be. But they will.

You’re Not Special! Get In Line!

One thing I really cannot stand are people think that just because they have a certain status, they are above others or somehow entitled to things others are not. If you confront these people, chances are they will get uppity, they will get in your face and they may even curse you out. Somehow, they have fallen under the illusion that common courtesy is beneath them.

You know what? I’ve stopped caring.

I used to just give in to people like this, so as not to start an altercation and to be nice. But that doesn’t do anything but allow them to hassle the next person and I don’t even get a “thank you”. Moreso, I do not enjoy being treated like a doormat, even if I will never see this person again in my life.

You don’t get to cut in line because you’re bigger. Size doesn’t matter.
You don’t get a special discount just by asking because you’re pregnant. So are hundreds of other women across the country.
You don’t get to ram through others like a battering ram because you have a kid. So does half of the population.
You don’t get the last milk just because you want it. I want it too.
You don’t get to break the rules because you’re older. You’re not the only one of your age.
You don’t get undeserved high grades because you’re a football player or cheerleader. You’re still a student.

You’re not special! Get your head out of your behind and put it back on your neck!