Pipe Dreams

That’s my new name for goals I have because that’s what most of them are. It’s always fun to dream. Usually, more fun than reality. Of course, one could ask why I keep making goals when I rarely stick to them. I chalk it up to my odd enjoyment of making lists.

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Five Months In…

I returned to school on May 21st. I’m five months in of this nine-month program.

If I’ve learned nothing else, it’s that years later, I am still not an academic person. I am very glad I opted for trade school because if this is how I feel after five of nine months, I’d probably on the verge of killing myself if I had to commit for 4+ years to a university, or even just 2 years to a community college. Note the reason I chose trade school over community college and university is, with one exception, I wasn’t required to waste my time with general education courses. Yet I still feel 110% done with this!

Truthfully, my biggest gripe is having to wake up at 6:00am for half the days of the week. Yes, it’s a very petty complaint, but there’s a reason I’m not a morning person. To my credit, I’ve never missed a day of school or been late, and I’ve twice been awarded for perfect attendance. That said, I’ve overslept twice this week. On one of those occasions, I did wake up on time, but wanted to get five more minutes of sleep after getting dressed. That five-minute nap turned into a 45-minute nap. I’m sure Lyft was happy to take my money this week!

On the school side of things:

  • There’s no heat! This makes sense in summer, but not in autumn and, later on, winter. To the school’s credit, they do permit us to wear sweaters and jackets in classrooms, but I’d prefer heat! I’m cold!
  • We have a class on customer service. Enough said. I’ve worked in customer service for almost two years (10/31/16) and I have two retail jobs. Kiss my a**!
  • We don’t learn. It’s more similar to community college than I expected. In fairness, part of this is due to the program being fast-paced. Each class is a month long. Still, I don’t think a test should be taken every other day. If they feel the need to cram, the program needs to be lengthened. Granted, part of why I came to this school is I didn’t want to be in school for years, so if that does happen, I’ll be glad I missed it. Being delayed by two months was bad enough.
  • Expanding on the above, trying to cram everything into a too small period of time makes it hard to take class seriously. At one point, we took a test on a chapter we studied that very morning, and the test was to be finished at lunch time. That means no time for anyone who wants more than is offered in the vending machines to order lunch. I believe that was the day I stopped regarding the classes with much seriousness, though “customer service class” would’ve done that anyway.
  • We had a career fair that was embarrassingly disappointing. Admittedly, I don’t know how career fairs are arranged, so this may not be the school’s fault, but I expected more than five companies at a fair.

Those are all of my complaints for now, though I may add to this list later on. All of the above said, I still do not regret coming to this school, and I’m too far in to quit now. I can’t say I’ve learned nothing. I just don’t like how teaching is being implemented. To my knowledge, the tech program is much newer than the nursing program they offer, so it could be they’re still figuring out what works best for the program. That doesn’t bug me. Much of life is trial-and-error, is it not? I would know.

On a final note, my school allows students to wear costumes on Halloween during school hours. Yes, you can sit in class with a costume. I am totally not dressing up as Twilight Sparkle and taking advantage of that privilege! No, not me!

This makes everything worth it.

Time To Say Goodbye

Summer camp started this past Monday. Today’s the third day. It has been terrible! The first day was awful, the second day was a little better, today was good until the end and tomorrow will be positively dreadful. I don’t even like my counselor anymore (the therapist who talked me into going). She has become hell in disguise.

I can’t leave. Well, I can, but then, everyone will ask me a bunch of questions and I can’t deal with that. I do know when September rolls around, I will NOT be going to see her. The camp ends August 2nd. That’ll be the final time I see her. Then, I can forget her.

As far as I’m concerned, the only good thing about this is I’m not worried anymore. She was very nice (hence why I liked her) and I sometimes thought about how much I’d miss her when I finally graduate high school. Now, I know I won’t miss her at all.

I just want this bad week to end.

Time For Summer Camp!

Well, it’s not summer camp “per se”, but it may as well be. My plans for the summer changed a bit.

Since last year, my therapist was bugging me to join the summer program that my school’s therapy program offers. Last year, I had to attend summer school, so I couldn’t come. This year, I was supposed to attend summer school again, but because I passed the final for one of the two classes I was failing, that class got dropped. So when I told her this, she asked me if I could maybe take the class next year, so I could come to the summer program instead. She really wanted me to come, so I finally gave in. After the appointment, I went to my guidance counselor and asked if the class could be put into my schedule for next year. It was possible, so he took me out of summer school. I went back to my therapist, told her the good news and she gave me a permission slip. Got it signed that night, took it in the next day (also, the final day of school) and that was it.

The first day of this program is the 25th. I haven’t gone to summer camp since I was 11. To be totally honest, I never liked camp. It felt just like school. Kids picking on me, long hours and flippin’ uniform (camp shirts). I hated the park. Always got bit by mosquitoes  and itched like crazy. Summer was much better spent by myself or with relatives (as crazy as they drive me).

So after being out of camp for so long, it feels weird to go back. The summer program isn’t even that long – only 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM unless there are trips – but I am still a little less than thrilled about going. From what my therapist told me, it doesn’t sound like there’s much to enjoy outside of seeing her (she mentioned hiking; I hate hiking). I don’t like museums or science either, which I think was mentioned in the slip/pamphlet. There’s also the fact that my sister is going to be there and to say we don’t get along is to say a hurricane is just a tiny storm. At least, I know one of my friends will be there, but there’s no guarantee I’ll see him. Really, this summer is unpredictable. But I guess that’s what makes summer so thrilling, huh? Well, usually.