TS3: From Best to Worst

Although I don’t mention it much, I love The Sims 3. It is my absolute favorite PC game. I like some other versions, but the PC version is the very best in my opinion. Probably because the original Sims series was made for PC to begin with.

While I didn’t pay full price for every expansion and stuff pack, the entire series has probably cost me at least $500, more if I count the content I’ve purchased from the online store. Altogether, there are twenty packs and I don’t regret any of them. Money may not grow on trees, but if I enjoy what I’ve bought, then I say it’s money well-spent, even if it won’t help me in the long-term. You can have hard times ahead and still be happy for the past. At least, I think so.

While I’m glad my game is full, I don’t use every single feature of every expansion. I’d even say I’m bored of some, although I’d refrain from calling them useless because they are not. Let me tell you what I think of each expansion. I’m going to go from my most favorite to my least. Remember, these are my opinions, so I’m speaking of personal preferences, not all players in general. Everyone’s different, so I can’t speak for everyone. Why am I doing this? One, I’m bored. Two, I get enjoyment out of making lists. Yeah, I know, Strange hobby. Read the rest of this entry »

Mundane Monday: I Feel Bubbly Today!

Yesterday, I bought The Sims 3 University Life. In total, I played for over ten hours! I absolutely love it and I can’t wait to get home from school today to play it. And speaking of school, we have a dress-down day today! Hooray for no uniform!

Naturally, I’m feeling very cheerful and bubbly, so I decided this “Mundane Monday” would be about bubbles!


These bubbles!

Yep! Even though I’m almost 19, I still love bubbles. The picture above is a bottle I have sitting in my school locker right now. I can’t remember when I bought them, but I’ve brought them to gym class and my clinician’s office a few times before. I’m thinking of bringing them to her office this week or the next since spring breaks coming soon.

Blowing bubbles is something that has never gotten old for me. I keep them in school for certain occasions and because it’s nice to have a good reminder of my childhood. It’s one of the few things I loved about being a kid, although considering I can still play with them as an adult, it’s not much to miss. I just have to put up with judgment, but since that doesn’t come from anyone I care about, I’m not upset.

I am definitely going to play with them on my birthday. I know that much!