A Day In My Life

No, not really. Those videos bore me because they’re often exaggerated.

But at only two days in, I am in love with the work-from-home life. I could do a “day in my life” video, but I admit it’d be very boring since half of the video would be me eating and sleeping before my shift.

I suppose an argument could be made I’m in the “honeymoon phase”, and I wouldn’t disagree. But the small changes alone make it hard for me to imagine tiring of this any time soon.

  • During my first fifteen minute break today, I took a shower. That definitely can’t be done in person.
  • I seem to no longer hate Mondays and mornings.
  • Going to the “cafeteria” (my kitchen) now takes five seconds as opposed to five minutes, and I am not waiting for someone to finish using a microwave.
  • My feet feel great!
  • I can sit down while working. And lie down too, for that matter. My body aches have mysteriously disappeared.
  • According to my friends, I’m more positive. I don’t see it, but that’s what I’ve been told.

The downside? Well, if I’m not careful, I’ll regain the forty pounds I lost. If that weren’t a concern, I’d happily sink into the life of a hermit.

I suppose I’ll see what I write in another 363 days.

Something Old, Something New

Something red, something… silver!

I started a new job yesterday. I won’t work with them again until after next week because I must finish this upcoming week at my old job. It’s still a clothing store, but smaller and much more expensive! My old job turned me into a shopaholic, but I will not shop at my new store! Too pricy! The first day went well, though. Everyone’s super nice, nothing too hard, and I got all the on-boarding done. So many manuals! I am still employed with my old job, but as an on-call employee. I confess part of that is, despite all my complaints, being my first job makes me somewhat attached to them. That, and how I like so many of my co-workers. Having a heart sucks!

One of my bosses told me this recently: “Don’t burn a bridge.”

Putting aside the hope that bridge has two sides, I have to wonder how often bridges have been burned to say that. I certainly didn’t want to leave on bad terms, but I know a lot of people just stop showing up or quit that very day. I (unintentionally) gave them only a week’s notice instead of two, partly because I had no idea how transitioning to on-call works, but they didn’t hold it against me. I’ve learned anything can happen, so for all I know, I could go back to them as part-time someday (if they let me), so I very much don’t want to that bridge to become ashes.

I think the biggest change, however, is I’m paid bi-weekly instead of weekly now. That’s undoubtedly going to take some getting used to!

Things Have Changed

And they’ve changed so, so wonderfully.

The miracle of miracles happened. I found a job!

Alright, a little honesty. It’s not quite that simple. There is a story to tell. However, it’s really little more than one of those “still figuring out this adult stuff” stories. Read the rest of this entry »