Mundane Monday: Pucca

During my junior year of high school, when my 2nd school gave their students iPads, my best friend got me hooked on a game called Pucca’s Restaurant (now called Pucca n’ Friends, it seems). Along with Star Girl, the game became my favorite and I was sad when I couldn’t play it anymore.

Now that I have my own iPad, I’m free to play it as much as I want. Like Star Girl, this game is simple, but a lot of fun. My best friend is at level 81 with this game and her restaurant looks fabulous! I’ve got a long way to go to catch up with her. About 71 levels to be more specific.

Mundane Monday: Self-Esteem Songs

I like a lot of songs, but my favorites tend to be ones about self-esteem, likely due to my own low-esteem. The first one I ever heard, I believe, was Who Says by Selena Gomez, who became one of my favorite singers due to that song (the video was a lovely touch too).

Since I’m getting this MM done so late (one hour before midnight), I’m going to share my favorite self-esteem songs. Not all of the artists became favorites, by the way. As sweet as the songs are, I have to like more than one song.

Who Says by Selena Gomez

Only You Can Be You by Cymphonique Miller

What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction

Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars

You’re the One from the Winx In Concert album

Mundane Monday: Stupid Stunts

When I was growing up, I was taught it’s rude to laugh at someone else’s expense. I still agree with that, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t laugh at people’s expense. However, I only laugh when it’s on TV.

If I see someone in person hurt themselves, my first thought will be “Are you okay?” But when I watch shows like truTV’s World’s Dumbest, Top 20 Funniest, and Most Shocking, I laugh my head off at the stunts and blunders people do. I find the stunts a bit funnier because they’re done on purpose. Unless someone gets seriously hurt, it’s almost always funny.

I also figure if they submit the clips to the show, the people in the clips must’ve eventually found it funny too. I wouldn’t submit something if I was still sore about it.

This isn’t from either of the shows I mentioned above, but it’s a compilation of clips where people have hurt themselves. Hopefully, no one was seriously hurt, or I feel bad for laughing!

Mundane Monday: Thanks, Android!

I’ve expressed my gratitude for technology before, but today, I want to talk about how I appreciative I am for a particular piece: my smartphone.

I have an Android smartphone, so instead of the App Store, I have Google Play. Since it’s small (but not too small) and portable, it’s very convenient. I don’t have to turn on my laptop to only look up a bit of information or check a forum. If I’m tired, but not yet ready to go to sleep or I can’t fall asleep, I can easily browse the web until I do and put the phone aside when I finally feel myself drifting off.

Of course, there’s all the apps. Google Play does have a very good selection. My favorite app game to date is Star Girl and I was so happy when I saw they had it. In fact, they have every app I used when I had my school’s iPad. Twitter, Gmail, YouTube, Chase, and diary apps, my fave! Gotta love the diaries!

Having a smartphone also lets me keep personal info like PIN numbers on hand in case I forget. I’ve never forgotten a PIN, but you never know. I keep a lot of little tidbits of information, like addresses and plans. And since I can lock my phone, I know no one else can get in. I never leave it alone to begin with, but locking it just makes me feel better.

Mundane Monday: Springtime

Yes, the segments are back. The topic for MM this Monday?


My favorite season: spring!

I love spring! It’s my most favorite season of the year, even more so than summer (my 2nd fave because of school break). Spring has been my favorite season since I was a small child. I can’t remember it ever not being my fave.

Why do I love spring so much? Quite a few reasons:

  • It’s my birth season. Enough said there! I was born in mid-spring/late April.
  • It’s the most beautiful season.
  • It’s all about flowers. Cliché as it is, flowers will win me over any day! It’s second only to chocolate.
  • Although Valentine’s Day is in winter, love is more associated with spring. Love and nature. Is there anything more beautiful than that?
  • It’s the season that matches my preference of floral clothing. Summer goes well too, but spring just feels better. Spring matches glitter as well.
  • It’s the most relaxing season. Summer is too hot, winter is too cold, and autumn is cool and crisp, but school is beginning to start. Spring is when I’m more than halfway through and can goof off for a bit since I have a better idea of where I stand.
  • Easter is in spring! Easter=rabbits! It’s my season to wear bunny ears!