Another Goal. I Should Get A Soccer Ball.

Since starting this blog, I’ve made a lot of goals for myself. Some couldn’t work out, so they had to be revised. Some are kind of simple. Others, not so much. Well, here’s another goal to add to the list.

One thing I tend to beat myself up over is how unproductive I am. I’m not referring to not having a job or such. I mean how I create work for myself, like stories for my plays in The Sims, and procrastinate. While I think my possible depression may have a little to do with it, I have to change that.

So what I’ve decided to do is make a productivity list and try do one thing I deem “productive” each day. Whether it’s studying (LOL!), drawing a picture, adding a chapter to one of my stories or even creating a post for this blog, as long as it is not just surfing around the internet. Hopefully, my productivity list won’t be as pitiful as my “Good Things” list. Heh.

I’m not going make the list yet because I’m still trying to figure out how to go about it. I’m thinking of doing it in a weekly format instead of a daily one, but creating a daily one to keep offline and just add up at the end of the week. When I have it figured out, you’ll see “Productivity List” listed on the upper bar. I hope this makes some kind of a difference.

I have to admit I sometimes feel pathetic for needing a blog and not being able to just do what I try to put my mind to, but I’m trying to be a better person. Trying’s good, right?

Things To Do During My Gap Year

Two weeks ago, I posted about my plan to postpone college until 2014. I listed a few reasons and my mother is in agreement with the idea, so it seems I’m set.

I already know what I want to do during my gap year. I think I may create a page at the end of the school year and cross things off as I get them done to ensure I do everything I want.

  • Find a job – This is the most important. Right now, I’m only looking for part-time, but since I’ll likely only be attending classes two or three days a week, I may look for full-time on weekends. I need money for various things. Tuition deposit, my license, public transport. If I have to work in another town, I will.
  • Get medical attention – I explained this one in the postponement post. I need to get new eyeglasses, see the dentist and get a physical check-up done as well as probably see the gynecologist again. Although, I hope the last one isn’t necessary. I may also consider getting OTC medication to control my mind because that racing isn’t helping me.
  • Obtain my driver’s license – I might not have a car by the time I start college, but having my license can’t hurt. Perhaps I can save up enough to buy a used one during the years there.
  • Study various subjects – I want to study the math I failed, but I also want to study a few languages and a little bit about mental illnesses, especially depression.