A Miracle!

After nearly losing my boyfriend, losing two jobs, being lectured I shouldn’t have any life outside of professionalism, learning my great-grandmother has stage four cancer, and soon to be losing the best boss I ever had, I finally had something good happen this summer:


I passed my road test with flying colors! Turns out it was easy! I now have my probationary license! I can legally drive on the roads!

…Now, I just have to buy a car.

But yay!! I am finally a driver!

Two Decades on this Earth

Yes, it’s my birthday and I am 20 years old! My teen years are now over!

I started getting birthday wishes at midnight. I’ve gotten them on DeviantArt, Facebook, Tumblr, Google, and even in my Pokémon games. Later on, I’m going out to a buffet with a friend, who gave me a little plushie as a gift yesterday. It’s going to be a good day! 🙂

No Wish, Just Pleasure

Nothing to wish for this week either, so I’ll share another image from my Sims 3 game.

A rainbow

I am graduating!

After five years, I am finally leaving high school! YES! There is no question about it! I am ridiculously happy right now! I can’t even describe it! So I’ll let Usagi do it for me.

Yep! This about sums it up.

I Feel Bubbly Today

Yesterday, I bought The Sims 3 University Life. In total, I played for over ten hours! I absolutely love it and I can’t wait to get home from school today to play it. And speaking of school, we have a dress-down day today! Hooray for no uniform!

Naturally, I’m feeling very cheerful and bubbly, so I decided this “Mundane Monday” would be about bubbles!

Specifically, the type of bubbles you blow out of a wand.

Yep! Even though I’m almost 19, I still love bubbles. The picture above is a bottle I have sitting in my school locker right now. I can’t remember when I bought them, but I’ve brought them to gym class and my clinician’s office a few times before. I’m thinking of bringing them to her office this week or the next since spring breaks coming soon.

Blowing bubbles is something that has never gotten old for me. I keep them in school for certain occasions and because it’s nice to have a good reminder of my childhood. It’s one of the few things I loved about being a kid, although considering I can still play with them as an adult, it’s not much to miss. I just have to put up with judgment, but since that doesn’t come from anyone I care about, I’m not upset.

I am definitely going to play with them on my birthday. I know that much!