Millennials: The Only Entitled Generation?

I came across a rather interesting article yesterday.

Supposedly, 40% of my generation doesn’t eat cereal because it’s inconvenient. At least, 40% of the millennials they surveyed because I’m positive no survey has ever gotten the opinion of absolutely every person in their targeted group. I certainly wasn’t asked any questions about my breakfast choices and the reasons for them.

What’s more surprising is it seems something as simple as not wanting a certain food for breakfast is further my generation is lazy, spoiled, entitled, selfish, and can’t do anything for themselves. Except for those who are Republicans, of course, because they believe in work. Aside from them, my generation is worthless. I’ve yet to make friends with anyone my age who cares about politics and identifies with any party, and I certainly don’t consider myself any of the parties that exist because I despise politics as well, but okay. I’ll run with it.

Ignoring 40% is less than 50, which would mean 60%, the majority, of the millennials they surveyed do eat cereal, though I suppose acknowledging that would make it harder to insult them, I’m interested in what politics have to do with breakfast and why, supposedly, my generation is the only “bad” one.

There is no one in personal life of any age who considers themselves to be part of any political party. They might discuss if it comes up on the news, but that’s it. Out of my friends online, I think only one has any interest in politics, though I’d have to ask to be certain. I know the others don’t. My own reason for disliking politics is I’ve learned it’s a subject that can never end kindly. I know there people are of my generation and older who care about politics, but at the moment, I’ve yet to become acquainted with any of them.

As for breakfast, I eat cereal, but I also eat other foods. There are a lot of breakfast foods out there. Pancakes and French toast are my favorites. Sometimes, I don’t eat breakfast because I’m not hungry or I don’t want to eat yet. I’m positive my brain is responsible for my hunger levels and occasionally missing appetite, not the year I was born.

On the bright side, there were several people in those comments who also thought calling a generation entitled for their breakfast choices, of all things, was ridiculous. Still, the whole article only leads me to this question: Why does it seem my generation is considered not only the most terrible, but the only generation with spoiled people? If anyone wants to meet people of older generations with bad values, I can introduce them to the racist family members I keep my partner from. Better yet, they can meet my grandfather, who believes the only races in existence are Caucasian-Americans and African-Americans, and every other race is “foreign” or “immigrant”, even if those people of other races were born in the US.

I’ve read every generation treats the generation younger than them like this. That’s really not comforting. All that tells me is too many people despise another group of people for their age, something they have zero control over. No matter how unhappy I may be with some ways the world is changing, I don’t ever want to reach the point of hating anyone because they’re younger than me. I will hate someone for treating me or others badly, but not for the smaller amount of years they’ve been on this planet than me. I consider this world to be a very dark one anyway, so I consider them lucky they haven’t spent much time on it yet.

No, I don’t believe my generation is flawless. Enduring over a decade of school bullying shoots that idea down. I know how terrible some of my generation is. However, if it’s true this will be said about every generation, what’s the point in the stereotypes? More so, how are menial things like breakfast choices any indication of if someone’s lazy or not? I know the article said those 40% don’t eat cereal because of inconvenience, but what exactly is the inconvenience? Are they in a rush? I don’t eat when I’m in a rush either. Are they trying to save time? When I was in school, I occasionally skipped lunch to start on my homework to avoid having to do all of it at home.

It’s only cereal. It’s really not a big deal. Most of them aren’t very healthy anyway. That said, if anyone takes away my Honey Nut Cheerios, I’ll bite their hand off.

I Guess She Has A Point…

I saw my therapist in school this past Thursday. I didn’t really have much to talk about. Besides the finals, there was nothing going on and I didn’t feel like talking about finals anyway. She did try to convince me to join the summer program, but I declined. It’s not that I don’t want to see her. It’s just I’ve lost interest in “summer camp” and even though each day would only be 10 AM to 2 PM, the kind of activities they apparently have don’t really appeal. If she keeps bugging me, however, I might give in.

I have to wonder if she was a little under the weather because she was a little…snippy.

First, I asked her, for no real reason, if a blood clot could kill you. She said it could. But, for some reason, added on, “Or you could go into a coma and have other people wiping your a** for you!” BAD!! That was NOT an image I needed in my head! Why she chose to add this nasty detail is beyond me, but I’d rather not ask. Like I did the question that initiated this response.

But the real “snippiness” began with a song I played on YouTube on my (school-issued) iPad. Since we weren’t really talking about anything, I figured it would be okay. The song I played was Grenade, a version sung by Ariana Grande (who also plays a role in one of my favorite shows). I was listening to a lyric video. Basically, the song is about how the singer would harm herself and die to protect her lover, despite that he wouldn’t do the same for her and is abusive toward her.

I regret playing that in her office so much! My therapist practically went on a rant about how ridiculous the song was! She even went so far as to insult Ariana, who hadn’t even written the song! Since her last name is Grande, my therapist asked me if I knew what that meant. I told her I did (Grande means “big”) and also pointed out that “Ariana” means “gift from God”, meaning her name meant “big gift from God”. My therapist decided no. Ariana’s name meant “big retard”. No matter how many times I exclaimed “It’s just a song”, she didn’t seem to get it. So I finally just played another song called Generation Love (sung by Jennette McCurdy), which was about helping society and loving each other. Fortunately, my therapist approved.

I suppose she does have a point about the song. It is rather over-the-top and, as she pointed out, does the give the impression that the singer is suicidal. But still, it’s just a song! Many songs are over-the-top and Grenade is not the worst I’ve heard. Far from it.

If there is one thing I learned from that particular appointment, it’s that my therapist, though not her “default” personality, can be quite the judgmental b/witch. Perhaps she was joking, perhaps she was not, but I think I’ll be more careful about any music I play in her office from now on.