Wishful Wednesday: Five Places In Mind

While I don’t exactly plan on having a life of adventure and thrill-seeking, I do want to plan a few trips and see a few places. NYC was originally first on my list, but I’ve already seen it and I could really go there anytime, so no need to list it. So my top five places I wish to visit someday are:

Miami Beach

Miami Beach, Florida

I love the beach and considering Florida’s temperatures, the city of Miami Beach sounds like a perfect place to spend a summer. I would actually love to make this a vacation with friends, but I would have no shame in going alone.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada

I’m not a party person, but I love cities. This place kind of looks like NYC. This picture is beautiful. I’d probably get an adrenaline rush just from being in this city. I’m sure there’s much more to do than drink and gamble.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California

Besides my curiosity about the west coast, California is apparently well-known for having some gorgeous beaches. Another great summertime vacation state! I’m not visiting Hollywood, though. As much as the thought of being in the same state or city as my favorite celebrities excites me, it wouldn’t happen. I think I would literally faint if it did anyway.


London, England, UK

Besides being a chance to visit another continent, my British pen pal wants to live her life out here. In a couple of years, I would love to travel to London and meet up with her. She also wants to do a little traveling and one place on her list is New York City. Maybe I could fly her out to America and take her someday! It’s a fantasy! 😀


Sydney, Australia

I want to visit the major English-speaking countries and Australia is the last one I know after the United States and United Kingdom. I choose Sydney because it’s the largest city. Apparently, they have a hot climate, though. I’ll be sure to pack some shorts and bug spray!

Fired For Saving A Life

Yep, you read that right. Where does the stupidity end?

A lifeguard in Florida was fired for trying to save a drowning man’s life. The reason is the man was outside of his patrol zone, in an unprotected area, and the lifeguard’s employer is not paid to patrol that zone. Money over morals. Lovely.

By the time the lifeguard arrived, the man had already been pull ashore by other beachgoers.

I’m guessing there is a strict rule about vacating your patrol zone and I can understand that. But it’s not like the guard left to go have drink! He was doing what he was trained to do! Another person on the beach pointed the man drowning out to the lifeguard and he, without a second thought, went to help him. Sometimes, rules need to have exceptions.

As many of the comments point out, what if the lifeguard had refused to leave his post to try to help?  Or what if the guy had drowned? No doubt the company would be sued and the lifeguard would’ve been fired anyway! Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

I sincerely hope this man finds another job and an employer with more than half a brain! As one of the commentators on the article so eloquently put it:

Real heroes are people who can see what need doing and do it without getting permission first.

I couldn’t agree more.