Love Beyond Life

Warning: This post is heavily depressing. Please do not read if mentions of death or losing a loved one triggers you. This warning is not intended to mock anyone for having a trigger. I do not want this post to pull up bad memories for anyone.

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A Tribute to Her

I think many of us have heard the┬ástory of the teenage girl in the Dominican Republic. For those who haven’t, I’ll summarize it for you: This girl had leukemia and for about a month, she was denied treatment because she was pregnant. The chemotherapy would’ve terminated her pregnancy and abortion is a sin in the Dominican Republic. She did eventually begin to receive treatment, but it had no effect. After having a miscarriage and going into cardiac arrest, she died.

While she may have still┬ádied with immediate treatment, I believe her chances of survival would’ve been higher. Her life took a backseat to her unborn baby’s. Now, both are dead. To me, that’s unacceptable. Her life should’ve been the first priority, not her pregnancy.

I made this as a tribute to her. Because she was a minor, her name wasn’t stated and there is no picture of her, but she is in my thoughts.

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