Electronic Payment Preferred

I love cards. No, not special occasion cards. Well, actually, yes. I love those cards too. But those kind of cards aren’t the subject of this post.

I have nothing against cash, but I am so appreciative how fast and convenient electronic cards are. Even though my purse isn’t really a mess, I hate having to go through my wallet and look for cash. I also don’t really like receiving change back and with cash, it’s very rare that I have the exact amount.

Of course, the dangers are how it’s easier to overspend, whether you’re debit or credit, and if someone steals your card, you might be screwed. I have the former under control and as for the latter, let’s just hope I have nothing worth stealing. Still, I’d rather carry my debit card than a bunch of bills in my wallet.

Didn’t I once mention being grateful for technology?