Two Careers In One?

First off, let me just say I didn’t post about the Six Flags trip because it was awful. And no, I didn’t meet Sunny. I don’t know exactly what happened, but I don’t think he even came. The last time I was able to talk to him before going, he wasn’t feeling very well. Now, that that’s out of the way…

About two months ago, I posted about my biggest dream. Now, something has changed. Or rather, something been added.

Instead of a web designer, I seem to find myself wanting to become an animator. My mind has changed three times over the course of two years. When I mentioned this to a fave blogger of mine, she told me I could be all of those things and I shouldn’t limit myself. But the truth is I’m afraid to pursue either of those dreams. Art careers are notorious for being risky and the phrase “starving artist” exists for a reason. I gave up the first goal (which I will not mention, but it wasn’t art-related) because I’m clumsy and could hardly stay awake for the lectures (14 years of sitting and being lectured is enough). Granted, if I were to attend college for design or animation, it might be similar, but I don’t think sitting and reading out of a textbook is all that’d be happening. The blogger’s advice in regards to becoming a freelance animator was:

As far as I can tell, the secret is simply to make stuff, share it with as many people as possible and network a lot.

I don’t know how to network, but all in all, it sounds like a good start and it’ll let me know if I really want to stick with it or not. Of course, some programs for animation would be needed first. All I have is Photoshop, which I don’t even use to draw. I use it to add text, effects, and backgrounds. I was considering making an art blog on Tumblr, but I’ll probably just combine it with my main one until I’m certain I like what I’m doing. I already made the mistake of going to college against my wishes once. I’m not going to do it again.

Wishful Wednesday: DeviantArt Membership

This Wednesday’s wish is something I may actually receive soon.

I’ve been a member of DeviantArt since 2010, although my current account isn’t that old. At the minute, I have a premium membership, which I love, but it expires in four months (June 26th). I’m planning on extending it. Normally, I’d go with a year or automatic billing ($4.95/mo), but I’ve been considering buying a 7-year membership.

It won’t put a dent in anything, so the cost isn’t the problem. What’s holding me back is if I’d even still be on DA in seven years. I love art and the site, but I’ve left a lot of sites I loved (Neopets, Millsberry before it closed down, FMyLife, to name a few). I don’t want to spend $200 on something I may not stick around for. At the minute, I’m not even uploading any art because I working on improving my skills and using my sketchbook again.

I’d like to say I’m certain I will still be on the site in 2021, but I said the same about every other site I was a member and I ended up leaving anyway due to my interests changing, despite still liking the sites. I have a long list of sites I stopped playing on or reading as a result, dating all the way back to 2004. Heck, I still remember what my character from looked like and the name of my very first account on Neopets.

I don’t want to wait too long to decide because I don’t want the current subscription to expire, but I don’t want to just jump into it and hit “purchase”. I guess it’s a risk I have to decide whether or not is worth taking.

I’m thankful for…

I really don’t have much care for this holiday. I’ve never liked Thanksgiving, not even as a kid. I was much more excited for Christmas. Still, there are things in my life I’m thankful for:

  • My family, despite the amount of times they’ve driven me insane
  • My friends, those close in distance and far away
  • My clinician; she is absolutely amazing!
  • Technology – internet, television, computer, video games, cell phones; all make my life very interesting and fun
  • Art of all kinds; art makes the world visually beautiful
  • Attending college; in spite of how bad it’s gone for me, I have gotten some good things out of it, emotional and material
  • Physical health – I know how fast illness can take over and kill, so I’m very thankful that the extent of my physical ailments is anemia

Dead On Drawing

About two years ago, I got into drawing. I hate to say it, but I started for a really bad reason. I wanted to eventually draw fan art of my favorite show. Stupidly, I wanted to learn a particular language for the same reason. While it’s not entirely meaningless because I now genuinely do want to learn, I’m still kind of hooked on drawing fan art.

The thing is I haven’t really done anything for months. Last year, I had an art class, but it bored the heck out of me. Not because it wasn’t about fan art or anything like that. I just couldn’t seem to get anything out of it and I mostly remember movies. Specifically Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle.

I don’t like to draw in school because it’s too noisy and I don’t like to draw at home because I don’t want anybody seeing. And by the time I can be alone, it’s late and I’m tired. I occasionally do stuff online, but not from scratch.

On top of that, it’s not just fan art I’m hooked on anymore. Now, I find myself wishing I could draw so I could send pictures of my friends for them at birthdays or Christmas or even just make a silly comic of us all. But it takes practice – years of it – to get to any decent level. Notice I said “decent”. I could start drawing again tomorrow, continue everyday until I’m twenty-five and still be drawing stuff that looks worse than a toddler’s scribbles. Yeah, that’s discouraging.

Still, I want to do it, but I’m going to need a better reason than a TV show. I have a sketchbook I haven’t touched since the day I bought it because I don’t want it filled with ugly pictures. I don’t care about being professional, but I want to be a good hobbyist at the very least.

So I will get back into drawing. Perhaps over spring break or perhaps during my gap year. But maybe I’ll do flowers instead of characters.

Animator Is Off My List

For my “Exploring Art” class, the assignment for our final was to create a 1:30 long stop-animation movie with our iPads. Originally, it was just a regular project and only had to be 30 seconds long, but we were not all eligible to take our iPads home, so this wasn’t possible. However, on Friday, all students, regardless of eligibility, were allowed to take their iPads home over the weekend.

I did not want my grandfather to know I had it because he would make a big deal over it. This meant I would have to work on my movie after he left for work at night. I started on Friday and intended to get the entire project done in that one night.

Too bad it wasn’t that easy.

Since I didn’t have much, I was just going to use the stuffed bunnies on my bed for the whole project. But the whole project was boring, tedious and repetitive. I ended up using almost everything in my room that was small. I started at 11:00, stopped at 1:23 and had only gotten the first 45 seconds done and over 520 shots. I was too tired and ready to fall asleep. Worse yet, for some reason, the shots’ order got screwed up and I had to delete at least three. I called it a night and decided I’d continue the next night (Saturday).

Well, last night, I continued. After my grandfather left for work, I got started on finishing the movie. Again, I started at 11:00, but this time, I didn’t finish until 2:00. I can’t describe how relieved I was to finally be reaching the end. 1,080 shots. Sheesh! But it was done and I could turn it in. I probably won’t get a stellar mark for it – there was no plot, so it was entirely random – but at least I would get something.

One things for sure: I will not go to college to work in animation when I leave high school. If a 1:30 project is this bad, a 10-minute project would kill me! On the bright side, however, I now have a much greater appreciation for animators everywhere, stop-motion or otherwise.