Best Days of 2013

In less than 24 hours, 2013 will have finally ended and 2014 will be upon us. This year as a whole has been less than good, but some days and events happened that I want to recall. Read the rest of this entry »

Happy Anniversary

To my blog!

Yes, Kaye’s Days is a year old today. I have to admit it doesn’t feel like it. It feels like I’ve only started recently. Maybe that means I became a little better? Or worse? Oh, well. I’ll just be happy and celebrate with this banner.


Blog Segments

This blog may be a personal one – hence the title, Kaye’s Days – but I also want it to be fun to read. I mostly talk about my friends and feelings here, which is good because it’s an outlet for me, but it also gets boring. Even my complaining, despite that I feel it’s valid, gets boring. I want this blog to be a nice place with others things to read besides my daily complaints.

I’m also disappointed in my lack of consistent posting. I really want to post once a week at the least, but I don’t have much to talk about.

So, to help with my posts and topics and keep me going, I’ve joined Post A Week 2013 and I’ve come up with two blog segments: Mundane Monday and Wishful Wednesday.

Mundane Monday will be for me to talk about things I like. It might be big, it might be small, but anything.

Wishful Wednesday is for me to talk about things I want. Don’t worry. I won’t whine! It’ll just be for me express some desires and curiosities. Some big ones and some not so big ones. Again, anything.

Of course, I’ll still talk about my life, how things are going, how I’m feeling at the moment, etc. There’ll just be more variety now. I’m also going to try to do at least one internet article a month, whether it be news or another blog. I enjoy giving commentary about other site articles and it’s one more thing to write about.

One Day In The New Year

And I think I’ve fallen in love.

For a month and half, I’ve been talking to a friend who lives in another country. She’s a little younger than me and a very nice girl. She’s also very smart and opinionated. We share a lot of the same or similar opinions and I can talk to her about things I couldn’t with most other people.

Over break, I talked with her a little more than I usually do. I learned a lot about her. She really is a strong girl and we have similar backgrounds and circumstances.

This is the person I think I’m in love with.

If it’s not just a silly feeling, my pen pal would be the first crush I’ve ever had. It actually makes me a little sad because I will never meet her in person. She lives across the ocean. I do know what she looks like, however, although she doesn’t know what I look like. She hasn’t asked. I didn’t ask her either.

She’s beautiful, she’s strong, determined, realistic and can be funny. She’s not flawless, but neither am I. If this is not just a passing feeling, I want to tell her.

Happy New Year! 2013!