Hello Again, Java

The day I learn to stop swearing on (or off) things will probably never come.

In contradiction to my last post, it seems Java will remain high on my study list. Why? A new part added to my “about me” answers that:

and will begin a bachelor’s in software engineering/development in September 2023.

Annoyingly, I can’t recall exactly what led to this decision, which happens with a lot of my decisions. And relationships, both platonic and romantic.

I expressed I was no longer interested in my job’s software development program due to its delay and my preference for my current boot camp. However, I did not state I have no interest in any similar program. Merely my job’s because of the lack of news regarding it.

A benefit of my job is they partner with several schools. Long story short, I discovered one where, after the budget fir the year is exhausted, any remaining classes taken are entirely free, even if they are extra courses unnecessary to graduate. In short, a free degree.

Or it would be if I had patience. My current boot camp maxed out my budget, so I need to wait until January 2024 to be able to enroll without paying a dime (unless you count the costs for transferring transcripts). However, being a student excuses an employee from peak season, which I hate with a passion for reasons I feel I don’t need to explain. Not to mention the job on its own is nothing short of mindless and soul sucking. There’s a reason I feel like it’s an adjustment to need to use my brain when it comes to anything outside of my job. However, the cost of a single semester is an amount I could put on one of my credit cards. I won’t do that, but you get the point.

As for Java specifically, the college allows students to pursue two different tracks for the program: Java and C#. Since I was already introduced to Java from studying for my job’s program, I decided I’ll follow the Java track. It also simply seems to align more with what I care about. To quote from the college’s page:

  • C# is a smart choice for those who want to work in big tech centers, like Seattle, Silicon Valley, Boston, or New York. Large enterprises that use Microsoft infrastructure need developers who are fluent in C#.
  • Java is an extensively used language, supported by a wide range of devices—not only computers and phones but also smart appliances and Internet-connected vehicles.

While I’d probably work in New York, that’s more because I live right next to it. It’s literally a single train or bus away. Staten Island in particular is a twenty minute drive without traffic from New Jersey, where I live. In other words, I have no actual desire to work for a huge company or a tech-centered city. It’s just convenient I live near one. Thus, learning C# is more of a bonus for me than a necessity.

Unfortunately, I have received a lot of push back against pursing this degree, and I’ll make a separate post for that. However, since one of the benefits (for most people) of aging is no longer giving two cents about what people think of you – not to mention I never asked for opinions to begin with – I’m not deterred in the slightest. If anything, I’m more excited about it, especially talking to students who are already pursuing it and those who have completed it.

I also may need a bigger bookcase. No, I will not switch to an e-reader! Call me old if you want.

Photo of a shelf of reference books for coding

Yes, I am quite the fan of the For Dummies series.

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