Pipe Dreams

That’s my new name for goals I have because that’s what most of them are. It’s always fun to dream. Usually, more fun than reality. Of course, one could ask why I keep making goals when I rarely stick to them. I chalk it up to my odd enjoyment of making lists.

There are four categories here: human languages, code languages, financial, and educational.

Human languages: Spanish, French, Italian

For whatever reason, I enjoy learning languages. I’m not good at it, but I enjoy it. My reason for wanting to learn Spanish is, aside from it being the first language beyond English I was introduced to, my partner and his family speaks Spanish. I initially wanted to learn Italian because I was obsessed with Winx Club at the time. I grew to have a genuine interest in the language and still want to learn it, though I’ve yet to meet anyone who speaks Italian. My interest in French is solely because of the two classes I took for it in high school, despite that was solely because it was the only choice I hadn’t taken.

Code languages: JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, C/C++/C#, Kotlin

My interest in JavaScript is because it’s a popular language for front-end development. That was really the only code language I had interest in. However, my job offers a program to learn software development that focuses specifically on Java, so I am currently studying that. The remaining languages are from a different software development program I applied for. Like with the human languages, I am not good at them, but I enjoy trying to learn them. While I enjoy design, it was a back-up plan since I knew I couldn’t do computer science. If some miracle allows me to become a software engineer, I don’t know if I’ll return to studying UX and UI design. However, I sincerely enjoy it, so I won’t wholly rule out the idea.

Financial: Pay off all debt, save $50K for a down payment on a house, save $5,000 for vacation, have $10K emergency fund, die debt-free. Let’s go in order.

  1. I hate owing money to anyone, which probably sounds ironic upon sight of my next goal. However, the student debt doesn’t bother me much. The credit card debt is what hangs over my head, despite I am steadily paying it off. My score has gotten high enough that I can apparently collect credit cards like candy. I don’t max them out, and my balances remain low on all except the two I’m paying off.
  2. I never cared for the rent vs buy debate. However, I have recently decided I want to be a homeowner. I’m comfortable with renting, but my partner and I want to have pets. At the moment, between us, we want to have four pets! I want two bunnies, he wants a dog, and he already has a cat. No apartment will allow that number of pets, and it’s hard to find an apartment that allows simply one. That leaves home ownership as our best bet.
  3. This is based on the plan my partner and I had to take an anniversary trip in 2020. “2020” on its own explains why that didn’t happen. I don’t know when we’ll take any vacation. Maybe we never will. But I hope we can, and I will save until that time comes.
  4. My emergency fund nearly wiped out recently because of my car being hit while parked, and paying my school’s dues. I currently have less than a thousand. Ten thousand is simply the number that makes me comfortable for an emergency. I feel like, beyond a severe medical incident, that number would allow me to handle anything.
  5. I suppose this is really the same as the first goal. I want to die with zero debt to my name. Mostly because I don’t want anyone going after my loved ones for anything I owed.

Educational: Major in computer science and minor in graphic design, computer science path and front-end engineer path on Codecademy, finish all sections of Free Code Camp, complete all chosen language paths in Duolingo. Once again, we’ll go in order.

  1. In December, I will have an associate’s, but I want to have a bachelor’s. Not only because it’s the most popular type of degree, and an associate’s is half, but also as a backup. If I cannot be a software developer, I will resume my studies with user design and front-end code, and go into graphic design as a fallback. I would study personal branding on the side too.
  2. I know a computer science path on an internet platform is nowhere near close to a university’s. But that’s the idea. If I can’t finish the path on a site like Codecademy, I am not cut out for university level. The only reason I developed an interest is studying for my job’s program, but I know studying for Java in no way makes me competent for computer science. For starters, I need to learn the math. And I don’t exactly have a great record with math.
  3. This relates to my interest in software engineering, despite I lack any confidence for the subject. I enjoy Free Code Camp, although I think their YouTube channel is stronger than their website’s curriculum.
  4. Duolingo is far from the pinnacle of high education, but it’s something silly I enjoy, so I want to finish what I started, and start new paths.

I have no expectation for the accomplishment of any of these goals to exist outside of my head. Hence the title of this post.

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