Intermittent Goals

I can’t think of a better name for goals you make in the middle of the year.

Recently, the thought occurred to me I likely meet so few of my goals because I overwhelm myself with them or get stupidly excited. Hence why I skated only once since buying skates for myself. That, and skate rinks have really weird hours.

I want to try setting some not-so-pressured goals for myself and see where that goes. Since this blog needs activity anyway, why not here?

Go to the gym once a week.

I tried this before, but the gym I chose, while close, took me out of my way. Not helping was I lost my car and didn’t get another for six months. An Uber or Lyft cost less than $10 one-way, but I really didn’t want to spend $20 (plus tip!) every time I visit the gym or take two buses. I didn’t renew because they changed their policy regarding payment and I disliked it. I started a membership with a gym that is closer and on my way home. I chose the first gym because it was 24/7, but I didn’t go often during odd hours anyway. The gym I’m with now is cheaper and bigger. And they have a nice color scheme. No, it’s not Planet Fitness. That’s on the other side of my town (what’s everyone’s beef with PF, though?).

I doubt I’ll visit every day after work, or any day after work, which is why I’m starting with one day a week. At least, if I lose my car again, I can take one bus or walk if I really want to.

Pay off each of my cards in one year.

To be clearer about this, the goal is to take no more than one year to pay off each card. For a reason I can’t articulate, my credit card debt has become very aggravating. I have two paid off, but it’s not good enough for me. I want them all at zero and I want them at zero now! Since that’s impossible, I made one year the deadline for each. Even with interest, this is a possible goal and not one that requires being overly restrictive. Simply not wasteful.

Have a thousand dollars in my checking account

I admit this one is arbitrary, but it’s based on an experiment I want to do with YNAB. I mostly use the software for their assign tool. While I will still regularly check my bank balances because hackers and scammers exist (one YNAB user failed to notice her bank account being drained by a hacker because she paid attention only to YNAB for so long), I want to see if I can build $1,000 in my checking account by assigning. That is, with money left over I don’t touch. I don’t think their “age of money” tool is fully accurate, but it’s merely something I want to try for the sake of seeing if I can. I recently became interested in their 34-Day Reset Challenge, but my car needs a repair, I need the dentist, and I need a dermatologist, so I’m currently putting that off.

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