Time For School!

Yesterday was my first day of returning to school. I now remember why I never liked English or “general ed” classes. I can’t think of anywhere else there is so much fluff and fakery. I think I’d be willing to pay more in tuition if everyone would get the point and I didn’t need to read five paragraphs of fluff to care about what the heck you’re talking about!

I realize the irony of this when I keep a blog. But my blog isn’t mandatory. It’s something I keep for my feelings. Since any response less stuffed than my teddy bears isn’t acceptable, I’m putting my real answers to the intro questions here. I’ll fake something for the teachers later.

For the English class:

Hi. I’m Kaye, and where I live is none of your freaking business. I’m talking from the US, and I will leave it at that. “Unique” fact? Uh, I like candy?

I watched the videos and read the essay. The first video has cute animation. The narrator of the second talks like she’s high on rocket fuel. They were still informative, so they did their jobs. The essay writer talks too much, though I’m not interested in songbirds, so I skimmed through it. She could’ve made her point in half the content.

For the “First Year Experience” class:

1) Introduce Yourself to the Professor and Your Peers – general background, hobbies, career goals, and favorite shows or movies.

My name’s Kaye. You don’t need to know anything else.

2) Why are you enrolled in college at this point in your life?  What went into your decision to come to college?

Because I’m tired of packing boxes. The desire to finally get a degree.

3) What are your reactions to the eight educator expectations discussed in chapter 1?

Expect to be disappointed.

4) What might be your top 3 challenges for you while earning all of your college credits?

  • Not putting myself to sleep
  • Maintaining any interest whatsoever
  • Not putting myself to sleep

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