“Stop Being Poor!”

My last post on this subject was in March of last year. Didn’t think I’d do it again, but it seems I found one I considered too good to not revive this little topic from its ashes on my blog. Granted, I have only four posts in total about it, so I wasn’t frequent with it anyway.

So much bundled in here! I think this is YouTube, and according to the user who shared this image, these are all by the same person. To say they’re “compensating for something” might be an understatement.

Well, let’s play!

Quit my 9-5 where I was making $240K a yr to bet on myself/ Vending machines pay my bills/ Real Estate & Stocks make me wealthy/ Golf brand is for fun

I’ve heard of people quitting extremely lucrative jobs for a number of reasons. Fair enough here. But if you have that kind of income and you don’t live in California (or maybe if you do), it’s probably not really a gamble to change paths if you saved some of that money. You probably weren’t (financially) hurting to begin with if you can work for fun.

And again, why is it always 9 to 5? Why never 7 to 3, or 10 to 6, or 5 to 5? Why is it always the very specific shift of 9am to 5pm?

My favorite pastime is living vicariously through my 9 to 5 friends’ IG stories & watching them piss away all their free time having “fun”. My “fun” will be in my 30s, on my yacht. Brb, building.

First and foremost, if you’re looking down on your friends for how they enjoy themselves, you are not their friend. Unless your friends’ hobbies are serial killing, get off the high horse. No time is wasted if it brings you happiness. It’s okay (and healthy!) to not be productive 24/7.

Wait until you have the yacht to brag. Also, if you’re so much better than your friends, why do you need to live vicariously through them? Why are you friends with people you look down on?

Also, as I said in a comment I left on the Reddit post, I feel people with these rich fantasies (not MLM solely, but in general) either misunderstand the value of relationships or are severely anti-social/asocial. My friends are the sole reason I lived beyond the age of 16, at a time when my family were not reliable (and they still aren’t). There is not enough money on this Earth for me to give up my friends. That goes for old friends and new ones. I give every one of my friends permission to smack me senseless if I look down my nose at them.

To be clear, I’m not suggesting you’re an egocentric person if you have an imagination. I used to write fan fiction. I mean when wealth is the only value to your life, an air this person is very much giving off.

Once you build a business, you have the expertise to multiply money. For most, if you gave them $100K, they would just fuck it off & buy shoes.

This is blatant exaggeration, but even if it weren’t, so what? For me, I’d pay off my debt, buy a car, move, put the rest into savings, maybe invest in something if I can figure out stocks, and continue working because watching Hulu and playing games all day loses its appeal sooner or later. Well, I would take my friends out if they found some time. Absolutely.

Point is unless someone is constantly complaining about money to you or trying to borrow it, let people be.

If you’re seeking a job w/ a pension & great benefits, you’re not looking to be rich. You’re looking to be average.

Now, this is what I would call a “not like other girls guys” vibe. First off, not everyone is aiming to be rich. My personal goal is stability, not wealth. No, I wouldn’t turn down the chance if I got it, but if I can afford my bills and not worry whether or not I’m eating for the week, I’m satisfied. Heck, I just spent $75 (insurance) for a replacement phone after breaking the screen of my old one. I’m good.

Other goals unrelated to money are travel, parenthood, a certain career, a skill, and some people are wanderers who don’t make goals and go wherever they manage to get in life.

I have a net worth of over $300k & have a roommate. Do I hate living with other people? Hell ya, but my goal is to have $100M, so the sacrifice is necessary.

Does this guy want a cookie? Living with roommates or family members to save money isn’t exactly an unpopular strategy. I know one person who lives alone: my 100-year-old great-grandmother. And she still lives near family. Most of that side lives in the same neighborhood. Everyone my age I can think of lives with a spouse, relatives, or both. I live with my mom because it’s not safe for her to live alone.

In short, dude, you’re not special for co-living. It’s really common. And post-lockdown, it’ll probably get much more common.

Also, why the heck would you brag about your net worth on a public platform? That can’t be a good idea.

Don’t buy a dog because you don’t have friends, want attention, or are too scared to talk to people. Build a business instead.

First of all, someone with social anxiety would not make a good salesperson. Heck, I can socialize without issue when necessary, and I’d make a bad saleswoman because I do not like interacting with strangers for long periods of time.

Second, those aren’t bad reasons to get a pet if the person is able to afford the responsibility and willing to commit to it. Some people simply like animals, and there are dozens, if not hundreds, of studies that prove time and again having a pet is beneficial. Yes, people sometimes purchase or adopt animals for poor reasons (it’s well-known Easter is a dangerous time for rabbits), but that’s a separate issue. Nothing wrong with non-human friends if you take good care of them.

Who has the most LLCs on here? I have 3.

While there’s undoubtedly a process, the LLC itself is seemingly cheap. In my state, it’s $125 to file for one.

My cell phone without insurance costs more.

Get fuck you money & then, exercises your right to say fuck you often.

Why? Who are you trying to show up and why do you feel the need? This is also hilarious from someone bragging about a yacht they don’t have.

To all the ladies out there, fuck plastic surgery. Create a $10m business. You’ll get so much damn attention, you won’t know what to do with it.

Speaking as someone who’s been stalked twice – the first time into my home, and the second time being told by the guy he wants to molest me, and asking if I’m Jamaican (I’m confused too), and the latter experience being why I bought pepper spray – that reads, to me, as a reason against starting a business. No, the weird guys who catcall me from their cars or ask for my number are already more than enough attention. I’ve had to go to a different bus stop, move around at work, and been trapped in my own car (when I had it). No, thanks.

But for the ladies who like that, have at it. All yours.

We live in the biggest money-making environment EVER.

No, dude. The Sims is not reality.

Opportunities are endless. So, why isn’t everyone rich?

Different values, disability, illness, being born into poverty, abuse, abandonment or losing their family, content with their life as is, “rich” meaning different things for different people.

It’s simple. Hard work. Not everyone likes it.

My grandmother was a nurse since the 90s. She died at age 62 from breast cancer. She wasn’t rich, but she was an awesome nurse.

My mother is schizophrenic, my other grandmother is disabled, a friend’s mom is currently fighting cancer, I had a bus accident in November (uninjured, but lost a source of income), and let’s not forget lockdown wiped out many people’s jobs last year, many of which won’t return, and crime has risen since then in my town and the neighboring ones (one recent story is two Uber drivers being killed). Life is notorious for proving itself unable to be planned. You can do everything “right”, and still have the rug yanked from under you.

Separate yourself.

In my eyes, this person is clearly sheltered, but this was still fun to do for a laugh. To all the real business owners out there, you’re awesome, and those of you in “9 to 5” jobs are too.

I’m not great with optimism (mostly because I have very little of it), but I’m sincere when I say whatever makes you happy, I hope you have it and keep having it.

Except serial killing. Don’t do that.

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