The Perfection of Frozen 2!

Stupidly necessary disclaimer: I do not care about spoilers. I rather enjoy them because I like to read about movies and shows, and I also think people are insane when it comes to them. In this particular case, this is my blog, so I will censor nothing because this film has reignited my love for the Frozen franchise (not that it ever waned; just calmed) and I want to cheer about it! So, take this as your warning. If you’re one of those people whose life is utterly ruined by spoilers and you read beyond this disclaimer, it’s your own fault.

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I saw Frozen 2. I was planning to see it when I had time, but not that soon. However, it was his idea and he offered to pay for tickets ($16.99 each) while I pay for dinner, so I agreed. However, we don’t share the same opinion of the movie. He thinks it’s average at best. I, however, think it is flawless! I loved the original, and I think Frozen 2 outdid that! So much to love about this movie! If I weren’t poor, I’d see again! I can’t wait until the blu-ray combination comes out. I want the blu-ray, the DVD, the digital version, and the soundtrack. I want all of it!

First of all, Idina Menzel has an incredible voice! Let It Go already made that obvious, but Into The Unknown does it better! That’s what sequel should be. Her voice is powerful, and that song was beautiful and gave me chills!

Also, Disney made Elsa hotter! She was already gorgeous in Frozen, and I love her wardrobe overall. But in Frozen 2, she lets down her hair and gets a lovely white dress I can’t describe, but makes look her prettier than any fictional character has the right to be. My favorite dress of hers is the one she wears in Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, but the wardrobe of this film certainly does her favors! I’m certainly not complaining, but whose idea was it to make the queen of ice and snow hot? I hope they got a promotion.

Frozen 2 lets Elsa really shine with her powers! Frozen and Olaf’s Frozen Adventure allowed the same, but Frozen 2 makes them pale in comparison. She is awesome and I love every moment of her using her ice powers. My favorite is the scene where she fights against the ocean and the Nokk – it is purely amazing – and I also love that she defends Arendelle from the tidal wave with a snowflake! But really, all of her scenes with her powers are awesome and it’s hard to say which is the best! I know it’s not Japanese animation, but Elsa is officially my favorite “magical girl”, hands down. If she weren’t already my favorite Disney character of all time, she would be after this movie.

I’ll just say it. She’s a goddess. There, I said it. And since she’s the fifth spirit between the four nature ones, that may be semi-accurate.

Let’s talk about the animation. It’s Disney. The animation is always fabulous. But the scenery in Frozen 2 makes Frozen look cheap. My favorite is a shot of the enchanted forest when it looks like autumn.

I’m glad they gave Elsa and Anna’s mother a bigger role here. I know parents having minor roles is a regular thing with Disney films, but in Frozen, their mom had one line and their father was shown to be the major influence on Elsa. But it turns out her mom had just as much influence, if not more, and I’m so glad their parents were, in a way, central to the story. Also, more little Anna and Elsa! Yay!

Speaking of Anna, I know she’s supposed to be ordinary, but she really is anything but. That woman is strong. I thought I was about to finally make it through a Disney movie without crying (yeah, right), but Anna killed it. Anna is also full of life lessons. This one line of hers is my favorite:

“You’re not responsible for their choices.”

She says this when Elsa blames herself for their parents’ departure and deaths since they went on that voyage in the first movie to learn more about Elsa’s magic. This is, as TV Tropes calls it, an anvil that needs to be dropped. Anna’s point is simply that while Elsa may be the reason their parents left, it was ultimately their choice to go, and being the reason does not make her at fault for their demise. Say it louder for the people in the back, Anna! And points to Disney for putting that in a family-friendly film, of all things. I already know some parents are probably mad Disney told their kids that.

I really love Anna for how emotionally strong she is and how matter-of-fact she can be. I’d say Frozen 2 gave her a more level head. She’s still impulsive, but she recognizes it, and at one point, scolds Elsa for being reckless. I’ve read some don’t feel Anna had grown by the end of Frozen, but I disagree. She’s still her energetic self, but she has changed and gotten wiser.

I have only one complaint about this film: why must the sisters be separate again?! I understand why, but it hurts my heart they can’t live together. Granted, it’s not a bad lesson that familial relationships can be strong in spite of distance, but after thirteen years of no contact, I think both sisters deserved more than three years in close contact and close quarters.

Also, I didn’t realize this until I read it online, but Frozen 2 has no real antagonist. The closest is their grandfather, but that’s the past, so he’s gone. The movie’s conflict is discovering the truth of it. I like villains and villain songs, but I also love movies without villains because they’re proof villains aren’t necessary to drive a conflict or have a good story in general. Top three in order would be: Frozen 2, Ralph Breaks The Internet, and Ponyo (yes, I know Ponyo isn’t Disney).

Frozen 2 is Disney’s last animated feature of the 2010s decade. Way to end the decade with a bang, Disney. I had no interest in Disney+ because I was tired of hearing about it, but if Frozen 2 goes on Disney+, I might subscribe just to rewatch my favorite scenes. Speaking of which, my overall most favorite scene is Elsa singing a duet with her late mother, both for the meaning behind the song and the amazing sequences in that scene.

When the film finally does come out on disc (or digital), I’m updating this post with pictures!

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