The Misery Olympics

Warning: This post is unkind. Please skip if you dislike foul language and insults.

This thread popped up in a subreddit I browse on occasion. To sum it up:

“Confused by people who don’t have kids, but still complain about daylight saving time. Have a nap. Have 12 naps. Enjoy a coffee or 9 in the quiet of your life. What are you doing that 60 minutes of sleep has ruined you? #momtired”

Bitch, first of all, if you’re confused by how human beings are tired, crack open a “Science for Dummies” book.

Second, jackass, it’s your fucking fault you’re tired like that. If you feel the need to put others down, especially when your clueless ass has no fucking idea what other people do in their lives, maybe parenthood is not “all worth it” for you.

Third, if you can make exhaustion into a competition, you’re not that tired. This is not the goddamn Misery Olympics. Nobody is getting a medal for being more tired than everyone else. But if we want to compete, how about childless/childfree people who are: doctors, firefighters, paramedics, police officers? You know, people who work around the clock to save people’s lives and look after their well-being? If we’re going to compete, bitch, you and your motherhood martyr complex lose!

Really, try stepping outside of that tiny box in your mind you think is the entire world, and maybe the very simple fact humans become tired won’t be such an odd concept. It shouldn’t be an odd concept to anyone who passed science class in third grade, but there are always those students who fall through the cracks.

If only your kids knew how miserable they made you. On second thought, don’t tell them that. They didn’t ask to be brought into this world, so your misery is still on you. I’m sorry you were lied to (eh, not really sorry), but no person in this world has the monopoly on exhaustion. Yes, bitch, that includes you. But I suppose you’re too tired to pause and realize the world does not revolve around you and your martyr club. Nah, too much effort for you.

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