Top Four Cutest: Alola Pokemon

I’ve noticed my Pokemon posts are very popular, which is a shock to me since those posts are at least three years old. Nevertheless, I stopped at Kalos because Alola, the seventh generation of Pokemon, wasn’t released yet. Unfortunately, I couldn’t fill this list even halfway to ten. I guess I’m either too picky or Alola has a few less cute pokemon than previous generations. I’ll assume I’m picky.

The evolution line of Popplio is apparently supposed to be an ugly duckling story, but that’s hard to do when the “ugly duckling” is anything but! However, I prefer the middle of the evolution line, Brionne. Were this “beauty”, I’d pick Primarina, who I secretly dub as Pokemon’s “little mermaid”. Admittedly, I also like Brionne because its name is close to my sister’s, and is probably a true human given one. Bottom line: Brionne is a cutie!

In my opinion, Ribombee should’ve gotten Cutiefly‘s name, but that’s just my distaste of anything that resembles a mosquito talking. Ribombee looks like a cross between a honeybee and butterfly. I nicknamed a Ribombee I caught in one of the games “Ribbon”. My, how creative of me.

Yes, an odd choice for a list of cute pokemon. I thought Mimikyu was much more funny-looking than even a little bit cute. But over time, this little critter grew on me, and I’d lie if I said its backstory wasn’t a big part of that. Although, I guess if you think too much about its pokedex information, it’s much less cute and much more nightmare-inducing. I’m still keeping it on the list.

Vulpix is a generation one pokemon, but it seems the Alolan versions of pokemon are separate species on their own, so I’m including it. Like Mimikyu, Alolan Vulpix took a while to grow on me and I’m not even sure why I came around to adoring it. Although, I find regular Vulpix a pinch cuter.

One Response to “Top Four Cutest: Alola Pokemon”

  1. david Tierney Says:

    aw cute overload


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