Top Ten Cutest: Kalos Pokémon

Down to the final list. The top ten cutest Kalos pokemon!

I prefer Braixen over Delphox. It looks like a cute witch and I love how it keeps its stick in its tail! I wonder how comfortable that is.

It’s a butterfly! This is not surprising! Even better, Vivillon has 18 different patterns. My region’s is the polar pattern, but this one here, the tundra, is my favorite.

Cutest, little dinosaur ever! Even its name is adorable. I mentally call it “Amora”. I’m a fan of its evolved form, Aurorus, too, which reminds me of Aurora. Can you guess which Aurora?

I adore Sylveon so much, I went after its shiny form! It took me 52 eggs, but I got it! So ridiculously cute!

From what I’ve read, Flabébé is the smallest pokemon to exist. No wonder it needs a flower. It’s such a little cutie! I’d wear it in my hair if I could like Bonnie did!


Funny, I’ve never cared much for goats, but Skiddo can be ridden like horses! Too bad you can’t ride goats in real life.


Yes, I know it’s little more than a Pikachu expy given a dual-typing with fairy, but that does nothing to hinder my view of my its cuteness. The anime helps because the little thing even sounded cute and was so cheeky!


Espurr is supposed to be creepy, but the anime ruined that idea. It’s supposed to vacantly stare at you, not smile and make kitten sounds!


It’s a rock. Why do I find a rock cute? Who knows? Too bad Carbink doesn’t evolve into Diancie. Seems like they were made to.


Too bad such a cute, little jellyfish evolves into an evil, malicious one.

(Also, I missed my blog’s anniversary, which I suppose shows how much I’ve been minding this blog lately.)

2 Responses to “Top Ten Cutest: Kalos Pokémon”

  1. Karl Weller Says:

    This is so sweet that I may collapse into a diabetic coma.


  2. Prof.mcstevie Says:

    Sylveon is the pokemon above all pokemon that I want to pet.


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