Top Ten Cutest: Unova Pokemon

I put this off for a long time, but now, here’s the Unova list!

I still prefer Chansey as the nurse pokemon, but Audino was a good fill-in. Not sure what animal Audino was based on, but regardless, it is adorable, and a good fighter with the right moves. Won with it in the pokemon league.

Both Petilil and Lilligant are adorable, but I chose Lilligant since I like it just a bit more. I guess Lilligant would be more elegant or graceful or beautiful than cute or adorable, but either way, it makes the list! I love her!

Minccino and Cinccino are also such cuties, but I like Cinccino a bit more. I wish it didn’t require a shiny stone to evolve. Why do so many of the cute pokemon require something besides leveling up to evolve?!

Gotherita is my favorite of its evolution line. Gothita’s cute, but I just think Gotherita is cuter. I don’t really like Gothitelle, but I do like how their evolution is like a metaphor for a baby girl growing into a child and then a woman.

I love all of Deerling’s forms, but its winter form is my most favorite since it’s closest to the color an actual fawn is.


It was a pest in the anime and kind of annoying, but otherwise, I love Emolga! I do think it should’ve been a bit slimmer, though.


I think Frillish’s pink form is cuter than its blue one. It kind of reminds me of Chibiusa since it’s pink with red eyes.


I find both of Meloetta’s forms cute, but I like long hair, so I chose its first form. Looks like an elegant little lady, and its name could be a real person’s name (though I wouldn’t recommend it).


I’m not really fond of Cottonee, but I’d have no problem raising one to get Whimsicott!


D’awww! It looks like a piggy bank!

One Response to “Top Ten Cutest: Unova Pokemon”

  1. Prof.mcstevie Says:

    Cinccino looks so soft and fluffy, I could imagine curling up with one and sleeping for days.


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