Top Ten Cutest: Sinnoh Pokémon

I’ve done Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn. Now, it’s time for Sinnoh!

Adorable, like squirrels in real life!

It’s a bunny! Bunnies are never un-adorable!

Shaymin has two forms, but I like its land form just a bit more for cuteness.

I’m not too fond of Phione (though it’s not ugly), but Manaphy? Total cutie pie.

I wish there was a better picture, but I really find Togekiss cute. More than Togetic, to be honest.


It’s basically a little butterfly fish! Its evolved form is pretty cute too, but I’d class it more as pretty than cute.


It’s called the kite pokemon. I wonder what kite it resembles. I want that kite!


It’s a flower. It’s literally a sun flower. Enough said.


That’s one cute and creepy cat!


And to think I hate bees in real life. But Combee gets a pass for being cute.

One Response to “Top Ten Cutest: Sinnoh Pokémon”

  1. bluehobbes Says:

    I really like Mantyke, especially since it evolves into Mantine, one of my favorite water-types! They’re probably the cutest manta rays you’ll ever hope to see!


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