Things I Will Never Do

In eight months, I will be 21 years old. I can hardly believe it. I still remember being five years old and thinking of how long it would take me to get up here. It did take longer, but I miss being smaller. At least then, I could be picked up and carried. The only reason I hate being carried is I’m too big.

Regardless of how old I get, however, there are some things I have sworn to never do in my life, no matter how bad it gets or how I bored I get. Note that I have no general negative opinion of people who choose to do and enjoy these things. I’m simply choosing not to.

  • Drugs. That means alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, and whatever else falls under that list that won’t be used for a medical reason. I’ve had enough alcohol and cigarettes in my life. Heck, I live with a smoker! When I finally have my own place, no smoking will be permitted at all. Absolutely zero!
  • Clubbing/Wild parties. I’d rather give myself a concussion than ever do either of these. I hate loud noise, I hate crowds, I hate flashiness, and I hate dancing. Plus, these events are notorious for having people who spike your drink. Any place where I have to worry about someone drugging me is out of the question. No exceptions.
  • Casual sex. This is if I ever have sex at all. But even if I were not an ace, I’d never have a sexual casual relationship, regardless of how much I trusted that person. Sex is not something I ever want to think of the way I think about what I’m having for dinner.
  • Anything I know is dangerous. I don’t care if you only live once. I’m not going to do something I know is guaranteed to get me killed if I go ahead with it. That means things like skydiving and such. I know safety is taken into consideration with stunts like that, but frankly, I’m not willing to risk my life for a thrill.
  • Try to keep up with the latest fads. While I like my electronics and whatnot, the truth is I couldn’t care less about keeping up with the newest device. If I genuinely wanted a new one, I might go for the latest, but if the one I currently have is working absolutely fine, I’m not going to run out and grab another just because it’s newer.
  • Buy new things just for the sake of having new stuff. This applies to clothing. While I will buy something here and there, I will never toss out my whole wardrobe and buy a new one because it’s old or out of style. Really, I’ve never cared for fashion trends. If the clothes still fit and aren’t torn, there’s no reason to throw them out.
  • Fight. I have been a pacifist since I was in my early teens. The only fighting I like is play-fighting, and even that, I tire of quickly.
  • Own a weapon. In regards to violence, the only thing I hate more than fighting are weapons. Particularly guns, but not only them. They’re also not going to be allowed in my house when I’m on my own (not that my relatives I live with have any). I don’t care how properly handled they are. If it’s something typically used for killing, get it away from me!

3 Responses to “Things I Will Never Do”

  1. samszmr Says:

    Everything you’ve listen besides that weapon part I have all engaged in, especially the drugs/sex/partying part and all I have to say is that avoiding all of those things is probably the smartest decision that you’ll ever make. I wish you luck and just remember…”no matter how hard it gets.” I wish you the best of luck. I wish I could have been like you.


  2. Denny Sinnoh Says:

    Great! We are in 5/8ths agreement !


  3. ThisisSharrr_ Says:

    Stumbled across this blog due to The Sims 4 post and I’ve been reading backwards lol.
    We’re somewhat in agreement but I like to try things for myself for experience purposes before I state I’m not going to do it. When I was younger I did say I’ll never do drugs, drink or fornicate. . . blah blah blah but I have 😦 (regret some of it). I don’t like drugs, only have tried mj which makes me feel incredibly stupid, like really dumb. I’ll def never smoke tobacco, that’s uber disgusting in my opinion. I drink on occasion but not in excess. I hate fornicating, it was the worse mistake!! I can only blame myself, especially since I repeated the stupidity a handful of times. Don’t do it!! It’s a waste and will more than likely leave you feeling extremely empty afterwards, even if not immediately. One thing I have to totally disagree with is the “Anything I know is dangerous” thing. Color me weird but I want to experience life in it’s entirety. I love doing “dangerous” things, the thrill is really indescribable and fun. I’ve been hang gliding, skydiving, skiing, snorkeling (in the Bahamas) amongst sting rays, jet skiing amonst dolphins and parasailing. I completely agree on everything else. . I hate wasting money on things, I do love electronics and video games though so I’ll spend money on that if I really need to but clothes, I don’t. If I can fit it, I wear it (still have clothes from middle and highs chool that I wear) I could careless about being “fashionable”.


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