Top Ten Cutest: Hoenn Pokémon

I know I am quite late with this, seeing as my last list was in April. Then again, I don’t recall making a deadline for myself with this. So, here are top cutest Hoenn pokemon!

Absol is more cool than cute, but it’s my favorite dark-type of them all. Its mega evolution is very cool too. They basically tried to make a dark, angelic pokemon, and it worked!

If my memory is correct, Milotic was a pokemon loved and well-known for its beauty in the anime, and I can see why. It really is beautiful. It had a cute voice too.

It’s a kitty! Hello, Skitty! Sorry. Couldn’t resist the Hello Kitty pun.

I wasn’t sure whether to put Gardevoir or Kirlia here, but I went with Gardevoir since I really find the whole Ralts evolution line cute.

I blame the anime for me finding Mawile cute. Again, the cute voice it had really helps.


Flowers? Check. Cute anime voice? Check. Cute name? Check. Roselia could even be used for an actual person’s name!


Spoink is just adorable with its bounce! They gave it such cute animations in the games!


They made a personified star cute and a legendary pokemon. No more words are needed.


It’s a butterfly! This is not surprising! Although, I do find it cuter in the anime.


Remember the raccoon pokemon I mentioned in the last post? This is it. I’m honestly tied between Linoone and Zigzagoon, but I chose Zigzagoon because its name is just too funny. That their names rhyme makes them both cuter.

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