Top Ten Cutest: Johto Pokemon

Remember my list for the cutest Kanto pokemon? Well, here are the cutest Johto ones!

Chikorita is cute in appearance and in name!

Aww! Look how it chipper it seems! So, so cute!

I know this pokemon was based on a ferret, but it sort of reminds me of a raccoon. Speaking of raccoons, there is a certain pokemon will make the list, but it’s not from Johto.

I can’t peg why I find Celebi adorable, but I just do. Even her name is cute! I guess because she reminds me of a pixie or a sprite and I do love fairies.

In a strange way, Misdreavus makes me think of a small child. Well, its name is a play on “mischievous”.


Phanpy is the type of pokemon that sounds cuter than it looks. I remember how adorable it always sounded in the anime. That doesn’t mean I don’t think it looks cute. Its voice was just cuter.


Eevee was on the last list. Should it be surprising one of its evolutions makes it onto this list?


Like Celebi, I can’t really explain what’s cute about Girafarig. I just always took a liking to it and found it adorable. I also think it’s pretty cool how its name is like the female name “Hannah”; if you spell “Girafarig” backwards, it’s still “Girafarig”.


I find Mareep’s whole evolution line to be cute! It helps that Mareep’s name rhymes with the animal it’s based on. Yes, I like rhymes. Don’t judge me, okay?!


Like Mareep, I also find Azumarill’s whole line to be adorable. However, it goes in reverse. Azumarill is the cutest, then Marill, then Azurill. Also cool how Azumarill’s name combines its previous ones.

One Response to “Top Ten Cutest: Johto Pokemon”

  1. dragonitecuteness Says:

    smoochum too is really cute


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