Top Ten Cutest: Kanto Pokemon

One thing I love as much as Winx Club and The Sims 3? Pokémon! My first games were FireRed and LeafGreen, and I haven’t stopped playing since! I used to travel with the first six pokemon I caught because I thought that was how the game worked. I know better now, but I still go with the first six I catch because I like to have a full team. However, as I’ve probably made evident, I am a sucker for cuteness. Occasionally, I’ll put a pokemon on my team solely because it’s cute and I can’t resist it. Bad criteria for judging power, but I prefer to work with whatever stats the pokemon has. I’m not someone who cares about natures, IVs, or the like. I find a strength in them somehow.

But this post isn’t to talk about how I play the Pokémon games! It’s to show what I think are the cutest ones! Yay! I was going to just do the top ten cutest out of all of them, but there are over 700 pokemon. Too much. Instead, I’m going to choose one of out the ten. One cutest from every generation so far. Here’s the Kanto list. They’re not necessarily listed in order because…well…I don’t how to put an order on cuteness! 😀 Read the rest of this entry »