Top Ten Cutest: Johto Pokemon

Remember my list for the cutest Kanto pokemon? Well, here are the cutest Johto ones! Read the rest of this entry »

I’m So Confused…

Somehow, I managed to get a boyfriend. I’m happy about that and, better yet, my feelings for Emmi are fading. I admit I’m still occasionally tempted to try to mend things with him, but I never act on it. I don’t hate Emmi, however. I do hope he’s doing well.

Getting to the point of this post, Jia (again, I know it’s a female name, but it was considered unisex on the site I got it from) and I met up yesterday to hang out together. This is the third time we’ve met up, but unlike the previous two times, we got “intimate”. I put that in quotations because it was really Jia kissing me all over my face and neck, and feeling me up. I admit I liked it, hence why I allowed him to continue doing it, but the point of this was to try to arouse me. He certainly got aroused (if his breathing growing heavily was any indication), but I merely sat there and wondered what the heck I’m supposed to do.

As I said, I liked it, but I was not aroused at all. It simply felt good and he wasn’t hurting me. It also felt strange, I’ll admit, but still good. I told him I cannot be aroused and it seems he took that as a challenge. He wants to find what can arouse me. I told him, “Good luck.”

I’m not sure if he noticed or not, but, in spite of liking what he was doing to me, I was more interested in the park we were in than his attempts to arouse me. I paid more attention to the other people in the park, their dogs, the plants, the birds, the dirt,  and even the sunlight. Whenever someone walked past us, especially a child, he stopped. I would secretly hope more people would walk by so there’d be an excuse to discontinue his…umm…acts (I don’t what you’d call a bunch of kissing that’s not on the lips). Of course, I could’ve told him to stop too, but I wasn’t disinterested in him. I merely found the park more interesting.

That’s confusing, isn’t it? Yeah, I think I understand why Emmi got fed up. I would’ve driven him up a wall.

Some other things I don’t understand. Jia likes my stomach and repeatedly called it “sexy” and I think he also said it was tight. My mental reaction was basically “umm…okay.” I didn’t get it. It was just my stomach. The same stomach I’ve had since I was born. Was it supposed to be something else? When he was feeling me up, he also said my nipples were hard, which he said means someone is aroused. My reaction to that was the same as my reaction to him liking my stomach. Nothing on my body felt any way than it usually did. Honestly, I wish I could’ve felt whatever he was feeling because I do not get it. I really don’t. I’m also not understanding what is so attractive about my neck. Or my shoulders. Or my hands, which he also kissed. Or my bra straps. Well, okay, I kind of understand the last one since it holds my breasts, but he also liked the bra itself. Aren’t I the only one supposed to like that?

As the title says, I’m so confused.

Two Decades on this Earth

Yes, it’s my birthday and I am 20 years old! My teen years are now over!

I started getting birthday wishes at midnight. I’ve gotten them on DeviantArt, Facebook, Tumblr, Google, and even in my Pokémon games. Later on, I’m going out to a buffet with a friend, who gave me a little plushie as a gift yesterday. It’s going to be a good day! 🙂


There are three topics that get deeply under my skin: abortion, rape, and bullying. This post is about the last of those three.

This 11-year-old child was driven to suicide because his a**hole little classmates wouldn’t stop bullying him. And no, I do not care that I just called a group of kids a**holes. Why should I? Look what they did to this kid!

I dealt with bullying every year I was in school. I know what it feels like. I know how it feels to be suicidal. Knowing what happened to this child makes me want to bust through a wall. What really angers me is many people would say the kid simply shouldn’t have kept the backpack. Why? Because a bunch of little f***ing brats don’t know how to behave?! If it were possible and I were in charge of the school, I’d round up every kid who tortured this child, make them apologize to his face, and suspend them from school.

Moreso, this is one of the big reasons I do not want to be a parent. If this boy were my son, I would’ve found a way to bring down hell on Earth for him having to deal with that nonsense. And if one of his bullies were my child, his/her life would become miserable. No, I wouldn’t hit them or even yell at them. Just strip them of every privilege available for a period of time and have them apologize to that child directly with a gift included.

I hated school when I was attending and I still hate it, despite that I no longer attend. Why? This. In fact, I’d say I hate it even more because this nonsense is still happening and it always will be.

The Froakie

Today, I’m going to tell you a little story. Ready?

Once upon a time, there was a lovely young girl named Serena. Some time ago, Serena left her mother’s and set out on a journey after receiving a cute Fennekin she called Fauna Flair. Along the way, she added five more friends to her team for a full team of six. Her friends battled and helped her win badges and, in return, Serena pampered them by playing games and giving them treats.

Through battling and part-time work at a luxurious hotel, Serena soon become very rich. She could afford anything she wanted and she was only a teen. Serena may have been spoiled, but she was also generous and loved giving to others. Every now and then, she would play with the Wonder Trade and would give items for pokemon to hold as they were traded over so they could give the item to their new trainer.

Like most people, however, Serena did want something in return every now and then. Somehow, she’d gotten a desire for a Froakie. It was strange because she never gave much thought to the other starters, but all of a sudden, she just had to have a Froakie. So she went out and caught an Octillery to offer on the Global Trading System in exchange for a Froakie. A few hours later, she got her wish. A Froakie! But there was one problem. She couldn’t read its name! The trader was from Japan. Serena didn’t have an issue with that, but she wanted to be able to read its name. So she gave away the Froakie through the Wonder Trade.

Serena didn’t give up. She tried again. This time, she caught a Mantyke and a Remoraid to evolve the Mantyke into a Mantine. Just as she’d done with Octillery, she offered Mantine on the GTS in exchange for a Froakie. Once again, a few hours later, she got her wish. She could read this Froakie’s name…and it was Froabble!

Serena knew it was wrong to judge solely by name, but she thought Froabble was too silly. She didn’t like it and she figured if she was going to have a pokemon, it should have a name she likes. She traded Froabble through the Wonder Trade, but not before giving it a Revival Herb to hold. Then, she went out and caught a Lapras. “Third time’s the charm,” she thought to herself as she offered Lapras on the GTS. She waited a few hours. She couldn’t believe she was going through so much trouble, but she really wanted a Froakie.

Once she felt adequate time had passed, Serena checked in on the GTS. The Lapras had been traded! But what had she gotten this time? Another Froakie with an unreadable name? Another with a silly one?

No. This Froakie had no nickname. Its name was simply Froakie. It’d been traded from Spain, but she could still read the name, as it was the same in English.

Serena was so happy, she let out a little cheer. She finally had her Froakie! And yet, after all of that, she deposited her newly-attained Froakie into the PC.

“Well, now that that’s taken care of…” She adjusted her pale pink hat and pulled down her tank top that exposed her cute tummy. “…off to the Frosty Cavern!”

Based on a true story 😉