Thanks, Android

I’ve expressed my gratitude for technology before, but today, I want to talk about how I appreciative I am for a particular piece: my smartphone.

I have an Android smartphone, so instead of the App Store, I have Google Play. Since it’s small (but not too small) and portable, it’s very convenient. I don’t have to turn on my laptop to only look up a bit of information or check a forum. If I’m tired, but not yet ready to go to sleep or I can’t fall asleep, I can easily browse the web until I do and put the phone aside when I finally feel myself drifting off.

Of course, there’s all the apps. Google Play does have a very good selection. My favorite app game to date is Star Girl and I was so happy when I saw they had it. In fact, they have every app I used when I had my school’s iPad. Twitter, Gmail, YouTube, Chase, and diary apps, my fave! Gotta love the diaries!

Having a smartphone also lets me keep personal info like PIN numbers on hand in case I forget. I’ve never forgotten a PIN, but you never know. I keep a lot of little tidbits of information, like addresses and plans. And since I can lock my phone, I know no one else can get in. I never leave it alone to begin with, but locking it just makes me feel better.

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