Best Days of 2013

In less than 24 hours, 2013 will have finally ended and 2014 will be upon us. This year as a whole has been less than good, but some days and events happened that I want to recall.

  • Every day I spoke to my British friend through email. We speak through Tumblr now, which is fine, but I do miss email and the brief times we spoke through IM.
  • Every day with my clinician. She is amazing.
  • Every dress-down day from high school. Would’ve been better if we didn’t have to wear uniform to begin with, but take what you can get.
  • January 19 – Spent time with aunt and cousin, learned how to braid, went to Applebee’s
  • February 5 – Had free pancakes at IHOP with best friend 😀
  • March 2 – On this day, my British friend saw a concert she’d been dying to see since the day she booked the ticket; this makes the list because I was very happy for her.
  • March 5th to 7th – I was able to come to school late. Got to love a day where you can go to school late!
  • April 21 – My friend Lia had a birthday party on this day at her house. Five friends, pizza, and Just Dance 4.
  • April 23rd, 25th to 27th – On the 23rd, I got to leave school early. On the 25th, I had a free class period. On the 26th, my clinician gave me a birthday gift. The 27th was my birthday, which alone makes the day fabulous, and I helped clean up a beach devastated by Hurricane Sandy, and got many birthday wishes online.
  • May 13 – Two free class periods
  • May 17 – I was out of class all day
  • May 31 – Deposited money, renewed membership on DeviantArt, multi-cultural festival at school, no eighth period, got an ice pop
  • June 15 – Went to charity event, spent time with friend and her brother, got souvenirs
  • June 25th and 26th – Got yearbook signed on 25th. On the 26th, I made up with the teacher I initially had anger against, graduated, and enjoyed Project Graduation (overnight school party) with my best friend.
  • July 18 – Visited Staten Island Ferry in NY
  • July 25 – Played mini-golf and arcade games, won a MLP plushie and other prizes
  • August 1 – Went bowling
  • August 8 – Went to beach, babysat three girls, played on playground
  • August 10th and 11th – On the 10th, I made my British friend a birthday card that she appreciated. On the 11th, I went to my best friend’s birthday party at a local park.
  • October 3rd and 4th – On the 3rd, I got a new cell phone. On the 4th, I bought a new laptop and put my 3DS XL on layaway.
  • October 12 – I bought Pokémon X and Y
  • October 14 – Bought Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity, and Super Mario Brothers 2
  • October 15 – I visited my best friend at her house
  • October 18 – Got Pokemon X and Y guidebook from post office
  • October 25 – I got my 3DS XL
  • November 3 – I spent most of the day with my best friend
  • November 8 – I spent the day with Lia
  • November 11 – I spent time with Jen and Lia
  • November 16 – Attended GSA conference
  • December 12 – Went bowling with clinician and group
  • December 15th and 16th – On the 15th, I helped my best friend move, we had pizza and soda, and we watched Mulan in her car. On the 16th, I spent more time with her.
  • December 17th and 19th – On the 17th, I gave my clinician her gift. On the 19th, I gave my best friend hers.

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