Ear Piercing

Just a tiny thing I’m appreciative for. My ears are pierced and the holes have never closed. My mother had them pierced when I was at baby. Seven months old to be exact, and I’m very glad she did. I love earrings, but I’ve heard piercing is not only painful, but is done with a needle, an object that fills me with terror. If I didn’t have my ears pierced, I’d likely never have it done because I don’t like pain. I know there are clip-on earrings, but they are hard to find. The one and only pair I ever had were purchased from a thrift store and they hurt to wear because they were tight.

So thank you, Mom, for piercing my ears at an age that I would be too young to remember having it done.

One Response to “Ear Piercing”

  1. Sarah Grace Says:

    Hi Kaye! I think we’re both on the same page, I am also don’t like the pain of having ear piercing. I also have my ear piercing when I was a little child and just like you it didn’t close, and never tried once ever again. But my friend told me that there are professionals who can do this in just a few seconds and you won’t feel any pain. I am planning to have a very simple jewelry for this one this coming vacation. If it doesn’t fit me, I can remove it once again.


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