Independence of Assistance

I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned on here, but my immediate family survives on government assistance. It’s been this way since I was an infant, although my mother relies on it more now than she did when I was small. While I’m grateful to have it because we couldn’t eat otherwise, I don’t like it.

Now, I admit I am someone who does not like asking for help, whether or not I need it. In fact, the more I do need it, the less likely I am to ask for help because I prefer to figure things out for myself. The reason I dislike relying on others is they can let you down anytime, and I’ve seen this with the PA my mom uses. Multiple times, I’ve seen her fight against getting her benefits reduced or cut.

I think seeing that is very reason why I hate having to rely so heavily on anyone or anything. The idea that being let down could cause someone to lose their source of food or their home is horrifically terrifying to me. That fear is probably why I’m vehemently against ever being on any kind of PA when I am supporting myself unless it is literally the only option I have left.

So my wish for today is that my family didn’t have to rely on assistance to get by and my mom was able to fully support all of our financial uses herself.

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