One of my favorite cartoons as a kid was The Powerpuff Girls. The show is currently run on Boomerang every night from 10:00 PM to 11:00 PM and I’ve taken to watching it if it’s an episode I like. While I like all three girls, Buttercup always has been – and probably always will be – my most favorite of them. She has what was my favorite color at the time: green. I also loved her tomboyishness and her role as “the toughest fighter”.

I also always felt a bit bad for her. It seemed like Buttercup got the short end of the stick. Being given her name merely for the girls to have alliterative names, not having a unique ability (tongue-curling doesn’t count), and often being seen as a troublemaker. Okay, she was a bully sometimes, but I wonder if she was meant to be least favorite of the fans. I still don’t like the end of the episode “Cover Up”, where she had to give up her security blanket.


I dare someone to say she doesn’t look cute.

I like Buttercup so much, I’m in the process of writing a fan fiction story for her that puts her in a good light and Blossom, my least favorite, in a bad one. I’m stuck on the fifth chapter.

A minor thing I have always liked about Buttercup is that she has one of my favorite hair/eye combinations. In real life, black is the common hair color while green is the rarest eye color. Blossom has pink eyes, which is unnatural unless one is an albino person, and Bubbles is a blue-eyed blonde, a combo that’s about as common in media as a cold is in real life. But green eyes and black hair is a combo not seen often in media or real life.

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