Although, I don’t see why it only has to be “Girl Tech”. I’m sure there are some boys out there who would like a masculine, password-protected, electronic diary.

Since fifth grade – possibly earlier – I have kept a diary. Throughout my late elementary school years and middle school years, these diaries were unused school notebooks. I also had a Password Journal (not the one above), but I lost it. Plus, I really just preferred non-electronic books. Late in eight grade was when I got into keeping a diary online and since then, I’ve been using sites to keep journals and diaries. DearDiary.com and LiveJournal, for example. My blogs, such as this one and my main on Tumblr, also count, although they are not private.

To me, diaries are one of the best things invented. Besides being a good way to vent, it’s nice, and occasionally funny, and reread what I wrote months or even years later. It never feels like I actually wrote it. Sometimes, I can’t even remember actually writing or typing it out!

I’m probably going to keep personal diaries for the rest of my life, either online, in books, or both. I really consider it a hobby, and a very fun one at that.

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