A 180-degree Turn of Events

Summer is winding down. High school resumes on September 10th and the local community college begins classes in exactly two weeks.

I posted so much about taking a gap year, wanting to commute, and being willing to make the necessary sacrifices. Well, there was one I wasn’t willing to make: money.

The tuition of the college I originally wanted to attend skyrocketed. It went from just above $7,300 to a giant $48,000! I mentioned this to a friend who will be a college sophomore this year and he said (jokingly) that’s why he hates college. But $48,000 is in no way affordable to me right now and it wouldn’t be affordable to me at the end of my gap year either.

So, I decided I’m not taking a gap year after all. Instead, I’m going to the local college in my town. The best part is my best friend is also attending. It’s highly unlikely we will share any classes, but it’s an excuse to get together everyday since we can meet up before classes start or after they finish, assuming they do so at the same time. And if not, we can still meet up afterwards on occasion. Yes, being in any place where my friends also currently are makes me very happy. 🙂

But it’s amazing how fast plans can change. Still, no complaints. I can afford it, and I’ll be with my best friend. Life is good. At least, for now.

Math Is The Enemy

Today, I took a placement test at the local community college. I did well on the writing, and reading comprehension, but not on the math. The algebra was what got me. They are given me tutoring for ten weeks, which’ll exempt me from the extra classes I’d have to take.

I used to be very good at math, but after I started high school, that skill flew out the window. I do not understand algebra, calculus, or anything beyond basic math and fractions.

So my wish for this Wednesday is that I was good at math again. And before anyone says study, I have. No matter how much I study, I do not understand it. I barely passed my math classes in high school, no matter how much I studied or how much help I asked for. It’s just something I’m hopeless at.