Mundane Monday: Tumbling Along

Yes, the segments are finally back. Although, I don’t think anyone was holding their breath.

There is something I’m really thankful for lately.

Yes, Tumblr. I’ve learned many things from Tumblr I may not have learned otherwise. Some things, I already knew about, but Tumblr expanded that knowledge for me. Tumblr has taught me about:

  • Fandoms. I am heavily involved in the Winx Club fandom on Tumblr and I take interest in a couple. I’ve never seen so many fan sites in one place.
  • Feminism. I learned about rape culture, and really just how hateful the world can be towards women and men who stand up for women. I also learned that men who are raped are treated as bad as women who are.
  • Recovery. If not for Tumblr, I may have never discovered what recovery is. Now, I know that I can recover from depression and other things, but I have to help myself. Since getting into recovery, I’ve found a number of recovery blogs on Tumblr and even started my own personal one, which you can find in my sidebar.
  • Confidence. Tumblr is the place where I’m not afraid to get involved in anything. I tend to choose not to because I don’t like starting fights, but if I ever want to, I’m not hesitant.

I’ve had my main blog on Tumblr for nearly a year. The anniversary date is August 26th. At the minute, my blog has 140 followers. I really didn’t expect it to become what it has. When I signed up for Tumblr, I only intended the blog to be where I posted whatever I felt like. Now, it’s like a part of me, and is home to the various aspects of my mind.