A Hater Appears

Not here, but on my main Tumblr blog, Spontaneity.

Last night, I posted that I didn’t like the upcoming Sims 4 and preferred to stick with The Sims 3.

I just watched the gameplay trailer of The Sims 4.

I don’t like it. It looks too cartoonish. I prefer the realistic-looking sims of TS3. The only difference I see between the two is that there are more options/features with the mouse. Basically, it looks like a cross between TS2 and TS3 with added features.

I’ll stick to TS3. I don’t even have Island Paradise yet.

As you can see, my opinion does criticize, but only the game. It does not criticize any person who likes TS4. Just the game itself. However, someone took offense and I woke up to this message in my Tumblr inbox:

“I prefer the realistic-looking sims of TS3” … Have you never played the game without CC? They look horrid. Why do people forget that they’ve clogged their games with CC? No Sims start out looking good – actually, no, I think the Sims 4 sims look pretty good! More realistic than what TS3 started with, that’s for sure. (Also, could you not further tag your TS4 dislike? It’s not like you made a legit good point and a lot of people in the tag don’t like it. Go bond with ’em.)

Rather than simply express disagreement, this user goes out of his or her way to insult me. They assume my game is full of custom content (CC), they assume because their sims look bad, mine do, and they tell me not to use a certain tag because others don’t like what I post. Apparently, this person is ignorant of the fact that the only people in charge of the staff are the Tumblr staff. Tags are not just for positive opinions.

Here’s my response:

Oh, for the love of fairies and cupcakes! We’ve got an opinion cop here, people!

Let’s get something straight here right now. My account, my blog. I will post whatever I freaking want and use whatever tags I like. If I make a post about marshmallows and want to tag it “ice cream”, I can. I wouldn’t because that’s illogical, but the point’s clear. If the people who patrol the TS4 tag don’t like it, I don’t care. Actually, now because of this message, I don’t even care that they exist.

Your sims may look horrid, but that’s your problem, not mine. My sims are as adorable as I want them to be. Granted, most of them are female because I love creating girls, but that’s just because I am one.

As for CC, I do not have any that affect my sims. At least, I don’t think I do. I have some clothes from the store, but I don’t see how that would affect my sims’ skin and face. Same with the items, which I have most of. However, I gave my sister the base game to play last night. She spent most of the time creating sims. No CC whatsoever, and hers looked great. She sure liked them.

As someone told me, the trailer may not be what’s released on the actual disc, so I’m trying to remain open-minded. It doesn’t matter if my point wasn’t legitimate because I wasn’t trying to make a point at all! I was stating an opinion. I don’t like the game from what it looks like.

Also, my game is not clogged with CC, but how nice of you to assume you know what’s on my computer. Silly me! I thought I was the only one who used it and played TS3 on it. Oh, right. I am. You’re not smart. I have a lot less CC than most players. I actually think the CC that affects sims’ faces is rather bad and only makes them good for photo shoots than actual gameplay.

Like I said, my problem with the sims of TS4 is that they’re too cartoonish-looking. I like cartoons, but not in video games unless the game in question is based off a cartoon, which TS4 is not. You’ve got your opinion and I’ve got mine. Now, kindly take your problems with mine and shove them down your pants!

Oh, and to answer your first question, yes, I’ve played the game without CC. I didn’t use the store for a long time at first. But again, I don’t think any of the CC I have affects my sims’ skin and face, so I don’t see how it’s relevant.

Now, get off my blog and stay off! Your different opinion is welcome, but your rudeness is not. Get out and do not come back!

Since this user, who was unsurprisingly anonymous, decided to be rude, I chose to be rude right back. I have no problem with people who disagree with me. After all, different people have different opinions. It’s a fact of life. But there’s a way to disagree and criticize without rudeness. Perhaps someone should teach this user that lesson.

A 180-degree Turn of Events

Summer is winding down. High school resumes on September 10th and the local community college begins classes in exactly two weeks.

I posted so much about taking a gap year, wanting to commute, and being willing to make the necessary sacrifices. Well, there was one I wasn’t willing to make: money.

The tuition of the college I originally wanted to attend skyrocketed. It went from just above $7,300 to a giant $48,000! I mentioned this to a friend who will be a college sophomore this year and he said (jokingly) that’s why he hates college. But $48,000 is in no way affordable to me right now and it wouldn’t be affordable to me at the end of my gap year either.

So, I decided I’m not taking a gap year after all. Instead, I’m going to the local college in my town. The best part is my best friend is also attending. It’s highly unlikely we will share any classes, but it’s an excuse to get together everyday since we can meet up before classes start or after they finish, assuming they do so at the same time. And if not, we can still meet up afterwards on occasion. Yes, being in any place where my friends also currently are makes me very happy. 🙂

But it’s amazing how fast plans can change. Still, no complaints. I can afford it, and I’ll be with my best friend. Life is good. At least, for now.

Math Is The Enemy

Today, I took a placement test at the local community college. I did well on the writing, and reading comprehension, but not on the math. The algebra was what got me. They are given me tutoring for ten weeks, which’ll exempt me from the extra classes I’d have to take.

I used to be very good at math, but after I started high school, that skill flew out the window. I do not understand algebra, calculus, or anything beyond basic math and fractions.

So my wish for this Wednesday is that I was good at math again. And before anyone says study, I have. No matter how much I study, I do not understand it. I barely passed my math classes in high school, no matter how much I studied or how much help I asked for. It’s just something I’m hopeless at.

Tumbling Along

There is something I’m really thankful for lately: Tumblr.

Yes, I said Tumblr. I’ve learned many things from Tumblr I may not have learned otherwise. Some things, I already knew about, but Tumblr expanded that knowledge for me. Tumblr has taught me about:

  • Fandoms. I am heavily involved in the Winx Club fandom on Tumblr and I take interest in a couple. I’ve never seen so many fan sites in one place.
  • Feminism. I learned about rape culture, and really just how hateful the world can be towards women and men who stand up for women. I also learned that men who are raped are treated as bad as women who are.
  • Recovery. If not for Tumblr, I may have never discovered what recovery is. Now, I know that I can recover from depression and other things, but I have to help myself. Since getting into recovery, I’ve found a number of recovery blogs on Tumblr and even started my own personal one, which you can find in my sidebar.
  • Confidence. Tumblr is the place where I’m not afraid to get involved in anything. I tend to choose not to because I don’t like starting fights, but if I ever want to, I’m not hesitant.

I’ve had my main blog on Tumblr for nearly a year. The anniversary date is August 26th. At the minute, my blog has 140 followers. I really didn’t expect it to become what it has. When I signed up for Tumblr, I only intended the blog to be where I posted whatever I felt like. Now, it’s like a part of me, and is home to the various aspects of my mind.

Friends Before Family

Tomorrow is my best friend’s birthday. Since I don’t have much money, I bought her a pack of milk chocolate Milano cookies as gift. Not the most special gift, but it is the thought that counts, isn’t it? Plus, she loves anything that’s chocolate. She also invited me to her birthday party tomorrow, which is being held at a local park. It’s a small gathering of friends and possibly her family. I haven’t seen her since the after-graduation party back in June, so I’m definitely going.

To my surprise, my sister got jealous of my gift for Jen. It was a very inexpensive gift, yet you’d think I bought a puppy for Jen’s birthday. Turns out my sister was angry because I didn’t buy her a gift for her birthday last month. Never mind the fact that I’ve bought and made gifts before and they’ve gone unappreciated. My sister expressed that she was angry that I was putting my friends before my family.

Well, that’s not how I thought of it. In my mind, I had simply bought a pack of cookies to be a gift. I wasn’t thinking of putting Jen ahead of anyone. I was thinking only of Jen and what she may like as a gift.

Still, I must admit my sister isn’t wrong. It may be subconscious, but I do think to think of my friends before I think of my family. However, there is a reason for that. The former actually treats me like family while the latter treats me like dirt. Not all the time, I’ll admit, but enough that I find them nearly insufferable. How can I not put the people who have been there for me, helped me, and treated me with kindness since I met them ahead of the people who have driven me to emotional breakdowns, made me feel worthless since childhood, and generally frustrate me? Sure, I’ve known my friends for a much shorter time and they’ve changed over the years, but that doesn’t change those facts.

My friends are not the ones who push religion on me. They are not the ones who put me down. They are not the ones who make fun of my dreams and goals. They are not the ones who treat me unequally to the others. And they are not the ones who use me as a scapegoat.

There is a saying that blood is thicker than water. Besides that being literally true, I found a better saying: Love is thicker than blood. If you’re my family, then that simply means you’re related to me by blood. However, if you’re my friend, that means we like and care about each other, and enjoy each other’s company. We may be related by blood, but it’s irrelevant. I’d rather be connected to someone by a strong bond than merely by blood and DNA.