Remember, the internet is forever…

No, this is not a PSA on internet safety. However, it may be a reminder.

I haven’t spoken to my father since last Christmas, I believe. Either last Christmas or the one before (2011). I really don’t remember which. I wanted to call him on Father’s Day, but it slipped my mind because I was tired.

Now, I’m glad I didn’t. He put up a rant on Facebook that day about three people: my grandfather, my mother, and me. In regards to my grandfather and I, he ranted about having two blood relatives stab in the back. I can’t speak for my grandfather because I have no idea what’s going on between them, but I cannot think of one thing I have done to my father. Is it not calling? If it is, I can throw the same argument back at him. He doesn’t call me.

I won’t post the rant because it’s not necessary, but I don’t think he counted on me seeing it. One of my aunts saw it and called him out, but he just ranted more to her. I’m not hurt, but rather surprised. I thought my father and I were on good terms. Obviously not.

Just to let it be known, I have made attempts to contact him. At the minute, he has a phone that can only text and none of my text messages were ever answered. I eventually gave up. I really don’t know what to think.

She Will Have Me Crying

Today, my school clinician gave me some graduation gifts. A box with little messages inside, a card she’s written, and a box of scented candles.

She’s the first therapist in school I had that I really liked. It always feel like going to see a friend rather than going to a scheduled appointment. We have serious discussions on occasions, but we’re usually just chatting and laughing together. Today, I showed her some characters I made.

After I graduate, I stay in the therapy center’s system for an additional year, so I have one more year with her. I thought that was the strangest thing I’d ever heard, but I’m not complaining!

I’m certain I’ll be fine at the graduation ceremony, but if I cry over anyone, I know it will be her. Out of everybody I’ve met in my entire school life, she’s probably my favorite. I can’t be in therapy forever and I know I’ll have to leave her eventually. Our ages are too vast for any kind of friendship. Still, it’ll be hard. I’ve never had too difficult of a time leaving any school, but she’s going to have me crying an ocean.