And I’m…Outta There!

I am finally out of my grandfather’s house and in with my mom and sis. He actually took it well. No arguments or anything. He’s sad, but I called when I got here and I promised to visit on the 6th.

So I have graduated, start the summer program tomorrow, am on my gap year, and can start looking for a job soon. I’m good for now.

Remember, the internet is forever…

No, this is not a PSA on internet safety. However, it may be a reminder.

I haven’t spoken to my father since last Christmas, I believe. Either last Christmas or the one before (2011). I really don’t remember which. I wanted to call him on Father’s Day, but it slipped my mind because I was tired.

Now, I’m glad I didn’t. He put up a rant on Facebook that day about three people: my grandfather, my mother, and me. In regards to my grandfather and I, he ranted about having two blood relatives stab in the back. I can’t speak for my grandfather because I have no idea what’s going on between them, but I cannot think of one thing I have done to my father. Is it not calling? If it is, I can throw the same argument back at him. He doesn’t call me.

I won’t post the rant because it’s not necessary, but I don’t think he counted on me seeing it. One of my aunts saw it and called him out, but he just ranted more to her. I’m not hurt, but rather surprised. I thought my father and I were on good terms. Obviously not.

Just to let it be known, I have made attempts to contact him. At the minute, he has a phone that can only text and none of my text messages were ever answered. I eventually gave up. I really don’t know what to think.

She Will Have Me Crying

Today, my school clinician gave me some graduation gifts. A box with little messages inside, a card she’s written, and a box of scented candles.

She’s the first therapist in school I had that I really liked. It always feel like going to see a friend rather than going to a scheduled appointment. We have serious discussions on occasions, but we’re usually just chatting and laughing together. Today, I showed her some characters I made.

After I graduate, I stay in the therapy center’s system for an additional year, so I have one more year with her. I thought that was the strangest thing I’d ever heard, but I’m not complaining!

I’m certain I’ll be fine at the graduation ceremony, but if I cry over anyone, I know it will be her. Out of everybody I’ve met in my entire school life, she’s probably my favorite. I can’t be in therapy forever and I know I’ll have to leave her eventually. Our ages are too vast for any kind of friendship. Still, it’ll be hard. I’ve never had too difficult of a time leaving any school, but she’s going to have me crying an ocean.

My Ending Grades

Since it’s the end of the year, I figure “what the heck” and decided there was no harm in showing my grades. Since it’s my last year and I’ll be wiped out of the system, I may as well have something to remember.

Kaye's Grades and Attendance

I know what the grade is for my Physiology exam and I passed. My teacher just hasn’t entered it yet. Also, my attendance isn’t bad, but I still don’t think it needs to be seen.

Summery Plans

I had some summer plans last year, but unsurprisingly, none of them happened. Well, one did, but that was because of my school’s summer program. We went to the beach on the last day. But besides that, I didn’t do any of the others. However, I plan for this summer to be different. Since I’m no longer coddled like an infant and won’t have to rely on someone else for transportation, things will be easier.

  • Find work. Not just a summer job. I want one that can last through college. At the very least, last until I start college. If I can work in the evening, that’ll be great, but I’ll take anything.
  • Renew my library card. This was something on my list for last year, but no one wanted to go to the library, so I couldn’t. Now, I can go alone.
  • Attain my driver’s license. This makes me anxious. With everything that’s happened with my grandfather’s car, I’m not even sure I want my own, let alone be behind the wheel. But I really want to have my license.
  • Spend time out of the house and outside of camp. I love to stay indoors, but the main reason I don’t go out is because I can’t go alone. Since I’ll be able to, I want to spend a little more time outdoors. Whether that’s just taking walks, hanging around the game store, or window-shopping, I want to be outside for some time.

My list is shorter than last year, but that’s more because they’re not only confined to summer. Since I’ll finally be out of school, I can’t really call it a break anymore. Plus, ultimately, there is one goal I have that these fall under.

Enjoy my gap year!