Black 2, White 2

I have been a fan of Pokemon for over a decade! I don’t watch the anime much anymore, but I am in love with the games. Recently, I restarted on Black and White 2 and also HeartGold and SoulSilver. Despite my love for the games, I’ve completed very few because I could never get past the Pokemon League. Diamond was the first game I ever beat the league in.

I’m more in love with the basic concept of the game – collecting all the pokemon. After all, why else would I buy both versions instead of just one if I only cared about finishing the storyline?

When I was younger, I used to trade pokemon between mine and my sister’s DS systems (she didn’t play pokemon). I only have one DS now, so I have to use the GTS (global trading system). I think I may also try the Dreamworld again. It was kind of fun. The GTS is pretty fun too, but also frustrating because of the ridiculous offers. Someone might offer a level 10 common pokemon in exchange for a level 100 legendary one.

I confess to getting a bit attached to my character and pokemon. Me being me, I especially love the cuties, but any pokemon that’s in my party long enough is hard to switch out. I hate it when my pokemon’s hit points get low and I can’t stand when they faint. In fact, I hate this so much, I actually reset the game when this happens. Maybe that makes me a sore loser, but I don’t care. I love my pokemon. I admit it. Although, with a level 100 Deoxys in my  party, thanks to a Nintendo WFC giveaway, I shouldn’t have any problems.

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