Happy Anniversary

To my blog!

Yes, Kaye’s Days is a year old today. I have to admit it doesn’t feel like it. It feels like I’ve only started recently. Maybe that means I became a little better? Or worse? Oh, well. I’ll just be happy and celebrate with this banner.


The Problem… Is Me

Heads up. This post will be more rambling than straightforward. Over the last few days, I’ve been realizing and thinking about some things, and the prom gave me a huge perspective on something. Basically, I just want to talk and since no one is around who can understand, a post will have to do. Plus, it’ll feel better to write it all out anyway.
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I’m Happy For Her…

…but a little sad for myself.

My friend Jen is going to prom tomorrow. Originally, she wasn’t going to go for the same reason I wasn’t – lack of money – but a teacher got her a fee waiver (free ticket, basically) and another got her a necklace, hair clips and let her borrow a shawl. She’s taking my other friend, and her best friend, Lia with her because they’ve known each other for years and are very close. Lia’s family is well off, so it’s no problem for her.

I’m happy for Jen, and Lia, but I’m a little sad I can’t go. I hate huge parties, but I just wanted to see what it was like. But I didn’t – and still don’t – have the money for it. Even if I did, spending it on prom wouldn’t be wise because of little emergencies that pop up. Twice, I loaned $40, once for an overdue bill and again for a traffic fine. I was paid back, but the point is with things like that creeping up, I really need to save my money. I’m not even ordering my yearbook, which is only $45, because I know I will need something else and would regret having that yearbook.

Oh, well. Everybody has to make sacrifices. It won’t kill me.


Black 2, White 2

I have been a fan of Pokemon for over a decade! I don’t watch the anime much anymore, but I am in love with the games. Recently, I restarted on Black and White 2 and also HeartGold and SoulSilver. Despite my love for the games, I’ve completed very few because I could never get past the Pokemon League. Diamond was the first game I ever beat the league in.

I’m more in love with the basic concept of the game – collecting all the pokemon. After all, why else would I buy both versions instead of just one if I only cared about finishing the storyline?

When I was younger, I used to trade pokemon between mine and my sister’s DS systems (she didn’t play pokemon). I only have one DS now, so I have to use the GTS (global trading system). I think I may also try the Dreamworld again. It was kind of fun. The GTS is pretty fun too, but also frustrating because of the ridiculous offers. Someone might offer a level 10 common pokemon in exchange for a level 100 legendary one.

I confess to getting a bit attached to my character and pokemon. Me being me, I especially love the cuties, but any pokemon that’s in my party long enough is hard to switch out. I hate it when my pokemon’s hit points get low and I can’t stand when they faint. In fact, I hate this so much, I actually reset the game when this happens. Maybe that makes me a sore loser, but I don’t care. I love my pokemon. I admit it. Although, with a level 100 Deoxys in my  party, thanks to a Nintendo WFC giveaway, I shouldn’t have any problems.

If She Came By Herself…

I’ve complained a lot about my mom and sister, but it seems I’ve overlooked that only one is the problem: Mom.

Except for not asking first, my sister isn’t much of a problem. Today, she’s been sleeping since she got here due to not feeling well (time of the month).

My mom, on the other hand, has been bugging me since she got here. Complaining, whining about Mother’s Day, gossiping about me behind my back with my grandfather. She’s more childish than my nearly seven-year-old cousin.

I don’t think I’d mind so much if only Sis came. She’s generally quiet. I also don’t understand why Mom couldn’t leave her home alone if she wasn’t feeling well. She’s almost 16. She’s more than old enough to stay by herself for a few hours. I’m even starting to wonder if Mom drags her over here because she never asks to come. Mom’s the one who always me for that.