Uh-oh. The feelings are coming back…

I thought the feelings I had for my pen pal had faded and were platonic now, but it seems that’s not so.

Occasionally, my friend uploads a picture of herself to her blog. She’s not narcissistic. It was a self-confidence experiment. Plus, she wanted to compare herself over a period of time.

Today, she uploaded one and she looks like an angel! Even one of her other friends said so.

I’ve always thought she was beautiful, but the most any of her pictures have ever made me do is go “awww”. Never have I looked at one of her pictures and felt like my face was lighting up like a Christmas tree! I almost feel like a stalker!

So I guess I’m back to feeling like I’m in love with her. I know I said I wanted to tell her if it wasn’t a passing feeling, but I’m rethinking that. If she didn’t feel the same, that would be extremely awkward and could even wreck our friendship. If she did, well…that would make me extraordinarily happy, but we have an ocean between us, so nothing could become of it. What would be the point in telling her?

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